I salute you Kyle Rittenhouse. #Respect

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I salute you Kyle Rittenhouse. #Respect 

Journalism is dead and dying more each day. Not too long ago, one of the hottest news stories being reported in the mainstream media was the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse. He killed a man in self-defense. However, since his politics were wrong, the mainstream media labeled him a terrorist. MSNBC was the chief proponent of that claim but, they were far from acting alone.

This week, Kyle Rittenhouse had his day in court and it was soon clear that not only was he innocent but, that it was an open and shut case.

How open and shut? At least one leftist media personality took a principled stand to… wait for it… apologize.

At least, I think it was on principle. It could have been self-preservation against libel lawsuits. The idea of Kyle Rittenhouse suing the media has been floated about.

It would not be the first time that someone sued the mainstream media and won – bigly. (See: Washington Post settles $250M suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann. I wish I knew what he got from all the lawsuits combined. Anybody out there know?)

And its not only the mainstream media who should be concerned! There are plenty of people to sue over defaming Rittenhouse’s character.

And while its nice to speculate that this is all a done deal and true justice will be served, I have concerns. When Joe Biden was running for President, he created a political ad accusing President Trump of being a white supremacist. In his video footage, he used an image of Kyle Rittenhouse to make his point. So, will President Biden apologize for that? If he does not, will there be increased pressure to punish Rittenhouse further? President Biden has shown a disregard for the courts on more than one occasion. Will history repeat itself again?

And then there is this bit of BOMBSHELL news that the mainstream media is ignoring. People are taking photos of jurors at the Kyle RIttenhouse trial so they can (presumably) intimidate them later, should the decision not go their way.

Now, was Cortez lying? No, his claims of people filming jurors has been verified. Was Cortez the one leading the effort? He says “no” and that he was only commenting on that fact. You can hear it yourself on this Instagram interview where one of his friends defends him.

Again, to clarify things further, it appears that Cortez was not leading an effort to intimidate Kyle Rittenhouse jurors. In fact, when he said that people were filming Rittenhouse jurors, he was acting on a campaign to get social justice for Daunte Wright, a man that was killed in a police incident.

In order to get social justice for Daunte Wright, Cortez entered a private building where they thought a Minneapolis judge resided. I know this because it was livestreamed and posted on Twitter.

FYI, Cortez deleted the full version of that video but someone else saved it and uploaded it to YouTube. Click here if you want to view it in its entirety. And if you want to know more about Cortez’ efforts at the time of the video, click here for more information. But, I digress.

Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent.

He was innocent when the media scandalized his name without evidence.

He was innocent when Joe Biden scandalized his name for personal political gain.

Kyle Rittenhouse should be fully exonerated.

And once he is, he should sue every media outlet that went above and beyond to sell a narrative verses practicing true objective journalism. He may not. He might be sick of it all and prefer instead to quietly fade away into his life. If so, I get that too. Either way, I salute you Kyle Rittenhouse. #Respect


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