#123 – Are you in a political cult? (This is how you know for sure.)

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Oh boy, oh boy, ohhhh boy… Today I spoke with Radhia Gleis, author of “The Followers: “Holy Hell” and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders” and wow, our time together flew by. We began talking about her experience inside of a cult, the psychology of becoming a cult follower and how sex and religion are typically integrated. From there, we delved into the hyper-polarized world of politics today where she makes some interesting comparisons. While I think we were on opposite sides of the political spectrum, I found her quite fascinating and I think you will too. Tune in now for a very riveting account of a fascinating life. 


Radhia Gleis is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, CCN, MEd. biochemical analyst, and educator for over 33 years. She has appeared as a featured guest on numerous radio and television shows including Fox News, Austin. She hosted The Health Revolution and Let’s Get Healthy on Talk 1370 AM, KLBJ, and The Wellness Connection podcast on Voice America. She was the host and executive producer of three YouTube series: Wake up America; How the Body Works; and The Natural Way. She was featured in the internationally viewed movie, Holy Hell, which was broadcast on CNN and named one of Sundance Film Festival’s and Netflix’s top ten documentaries.

Book: The Followers: “Holy Hell” and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders (Available on Amazon and where books are sold)
Web: www.radhiagleis.com
Twitter: @radhia_gleis
Documentary: Watch Holy Hell | Prime Video https://buff.ly/3n63JOe


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