$93,600,000.00 a day is why it keeps happening!

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$93,600,000.00 a day is why it keeps happening! 

I’ve been guest co-hosting on the Free Minds Podcast with my pal – Eric Hohol. We get together and chat about the news of the day. Its all an experiment for now but maybe, just maybe, it will be a daily news commentary podcast. Not sure yet. Tune into the latest episode and let me know your thoughts?

Talking points in our podcast:

  • Covid madness! When will it stop? Its not about public health anymore, this is Marxist. Maybe it always was. When you count the loss of freedoms verses the amount of money Big Pharma is making, the love of money is winning. How much money, exactly? $93,600,000.00 a day!
  • Are Republicans finding their backbone in battling leftist lunacy? We have reasons to be cautiously optimistic.
  • The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is not about Kyle Rittenhouse. Its about politics. The silver lining in the ordeal so far? A big red pill for the American people when it comes to the mainstream media.
  • If you show contrary evidence to some people, they will simply double-down on what they choose to hold dear. That being said, how can you pull people out of the matrix?

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