Are we witnessing the end of the Democratic Party?

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Are we witnessing the end of the Democratic Party?


Something is in the air? Do you smell it? Change is coming.

Americans of diverse backgrounds are walking away from the Democrats.

Why? To put it bluntly, Americans don’t like the way the Democrats are leading the country. And the Democrats know it.

In fact, they know it so well that they are choosing not to run again in the midterm elections; opting for early retirement in some cases.

Or, if they do run for office, they downplay their political affiliation.

The fall from grace is epic and the Democrats don’t like it. There is a lot of infighting, finger-pointing and blaming going around.

And this is on top of the shade being tossed around between Biden and Harris.

If you ask the White House about it, they will say everything’s fine. Nothing to see here.

But those on the inside speculate that Harris is about to lose her job.

Of course, all this drama could have been avoided. How? On November 3, 2021, President Biden said that Democrats just need to produce positive results for the American people and that passing his legislation will do that.

The legislation he was referring to was his Build Back Better plan, a massive social spending bill. Will it be a good thing for the American people? I am not optimistic. When you spend trillions, its too easy to cheat the American people (especially the middle class) and create massive wealth for politicians and special interest groups. #corruption

All this political drama makes great theater. I wish it were a movie because then it would be over in a couple of hours and the good guys would win. But, its not a movie, its real life and I have a feeling we are only witnessing the opening act.

So, all that to ask, are we witnessing the end of the Democratic party? No, I don’t think so. I think Democrats will take on MAJOR losses and Republicans will fill the vacuum. And for a little while, things will not be as bad, but they will not be perfect. Eventually, a false sense of security will creep in and the sheep will slumber once more, until the next rude awakening. I hope that is a long way off.


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