Gothix is cool.

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Today… Gothix. I had in my mind that when I spoke to Gothix I would keep it about her journey from online gamer to social commentator but I could not resist asking her opinion on a few uncomfortable things. Gothix, being who she is, did not shy away from the controversy and what resulted was riveting and (as always) thought provoking. Here are some of the highlight.

  • What is the “Cancel This” tour I keep hearing about? 
  • Life as a Creator, is it all good?
  • What was the transition like to go full-time without a safety net?
  • How would you describe your audience?
  • Do you restrict yourself from topics because you think it won’t be received well by your audience?
  • Are you concerned about being cancelled?
  • What advice would you give up and coming Creators?
  • Any chance that you would run for political office?
  • Have you noticed the attempts to normalize pedophilia?
  • Do you think there are more black conservatives than black wokists?

And, oh, so much more. Listen to this now! 

About Gothix 

Gothix is cool.

Gothix is a professional content creator who started off as a live streamer on Twitch. Following her personal experience with cancel culture, Gothix moved to YouTube and is now creating think pieces for a wide range of topics such as freedom of speech, diversity of thought, and economic empowerment to name a few. She has been a full time content creator since 2018, and recently has started transitioning into social commentary, especially regarding politics. Her first video “Yeah…thats racist” was about racial slurs aimed towards black people who decided to vote Republican. A month later she made a video talking about why she left the Democrats and that she was identifying as apolitical. She has stated that it was one of the best decisions she ever made, and encourages other black people to leave the left as well.Gothix hates identity politics, saying that it encourages people’s victim complexes. She also encourages not following mainstream media and politics and instead using your own mind and common sense. She is against censorship from Big Tech companies. She is vehemently against cancel culture, saying that it’s akin to Fascism. She believes that it is a form of “performative activism” alongside “woke representation.”

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