Worldwide: People are saying “no” to FORCED vaccines

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Worldwide: People are saying “no” to FORCED vaccines

You might not know it if you watch the mainstream media but, people worldwide are protesting forced Covid-19 vaccinations by the government and not vaccinations in general. (That would be crazy.)

But, I digress. Some call the act of forcing citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as #MedicalApartheid.

Others call it #MedicalTyranny

Call it what you will. People are not happy about it because they see something more happening than concern for public health; especially in Austria.

So, they are protesting.

They are protesting in Rome.

They are protesting in London.

They are protesting in Australia.

They are protesting in the Netherlands.

They are protesting in Peru.

They are protesting in Paris.

If you have a problem with the government controlling your body and mandates threatening your livelihood and personal freedoms then, you are not alone. Millions of people agree with you. Just FYI.


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