Whatever happened to Black Lives Matter?

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Whatever happened to Black Lives Matter?

So, I read this article from TMZ today on the Jussie Smollett jury verdict. Here is a quote…

The jury didn’t buy Jussie Smollett’s claim he was the victim of a racist-homophobic attack, but the leaders of Black Lives Matter certainly do … and the org. is sticking by the actor.

BLM and BLM LA released a statement before the verdict, in support of the “Empire” actor, saying … “So let’s be clear: we love everybody in our community … we can never believe police, especially the CPD over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom.”

Now, after Jussie’s been found guilty, BLM LA leader Melina Abdullah tells us that stance hasn’t changed — Jussie has their full support. Abdula says the organization refuses to abandon its people and stands on the principle that the justice system is corrupt.

If you take this at face value, one would think that BLM’s stance to remain supportive as nonsensical. However, once you consider BLM’s founding and guiding principles, it is a logical stance. Last year, I asked a question on my blog – What has Black Lives Matter accomplished? I was as objective as I could possibly be; listing their positive and negative contributions to American culture. I walked away with a wholly negative perception that the general public has finally concluded on its own. Consider this quote from The Western Journal

No organization dominated 2020 discourse more than Black Lives Matter.

The group and its neo-Marxist, social justice agenda went from relative obscurity to becoming the center of America’s cultural conversation.

For a time, this catapult into the mainstream was positive for Black Lives Matter. The movement became highly favorable among Americans, reaching a net support of 24 percent shortly following the death of George Floyd.

In the months that followed, however, Americans became disillusioned with the movement.

Net support has cratered to a staggeringly low 2 percent — a 92 percent drop.

BLM approval hasn’t been this low since August of 2018, meaning virtually all of the gains made by the movement during 2020 have been erased.

Why the decline? I’ll let this headline from The Federalist explain it.

Also, add this as a reason why BLM dropped in popularity. Black Lives Matter was embraced by well-intentioned followers with noble goals that the leadership exploited, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Another contribution was the heartbreak of zealots who championed their perceived cause.

BLM showing support for a fake race crime is in line with their ideology that our justice system, our very society, is irredeemable and must be destroyed and built back into something better, a great Utopia; Marxism 101.

(In case you are curious, watch the video below to learn the history of the “Build Back Better” motto which began in 2011. Its quite illuminating.)

But, I digress.

BLM’s unwavering support for Jussie Smollett is also a reach to return to its cultural significance. I hope it never gets it back. The Summer of 2020 revealed what was at the heart of the movement. I don’t think anyone wants to see that again; certainly not the voters.

And certainly not the businesses who were unfortunate enough to be in the way. They paid a historic price.

Whereas others paid the ultimate price.


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