How LinkedIn Should React To Facebook @ Work

Facebook is testing “Facebook @ Work” ahead of an official launch later this year. I wonder how LinkedIn feels about this? Tune in for the facts and some speculation. | Sources: | Music: Guardian Mind Mix is courtesy of | Connect with Jim Stroud on LinkedIn | Connect with Jim Stroud on Twitter: @jimstroud | Follow Jim Stroud on Google Plus

How To Make Future Hires

Are you familiar with the concept predictive policing? What began as science fiction is gradually becoming science fact. Jim Stroud discusses it and how it could be potentially be leveraged for recruiting. | For more information on predictive policing read: | Connect with Jim Stroud on LinkedIn: | Connect with Jim Stroud on Twitter: @jimstroud

How Recruiters Can Close More Candidates

"Its all recruiting" is a podcast about recruitment strategy. It is produced by Jim Stroud.

For a sourcer, the biggest thrill is finding “purple squirrels,” those passive candidate that are very, very hard to find. For recruiters, the biggest thrill is closing those purple squirrels and seeing them onboarded into the company. I want to talk about closing candidates and the Christmas holiday season next on “Its all recruiting.” // In this podcast I cite the article “12 Ways Corporations Are Secretly Manipulating Your Emotions” // Special thanks to our sponsor Randstad Sourceright // Connect with Jim Stroud on LinkedIn

Is Amazon getting into the recruiting business?

The online retailer has a new offering called “Amazon Local Services” which connects customers with local appliance installers like plumbers and electricians. I speculate that Amazon will enter the recruiting business and compete with sites like, oDesk, and others like them. This podcast is a rebranding of my previous podcast – The Social Recruiter. Please subscribe now. More goodness being planned for 2015. You can also connect with me via Twitter (@jimstroud) and on LinkedIn ( // Special thanks to my sponsor Randstad Sourceright!

Why is there (still) a diversity problem in the workplace?

Why is diversity still an issue in today’s board room? Why is it an issue in Silicon Valley? I don’t know for certain but, I do speculate and suggest a solution. Tune in to hear what it is. Read articles related to this podcast here: