I am Speaking at the Black Careers Matter Virtual Summit

I am so excited to announce that I am a guest speaker for a brand new 2-day Virtual Summit starting on Nov. 21st, 2020 called: Black Careers Matter

Top Experts Reveal How to Make More Money, Get Promoted Faster and Create Opportunities!

Are you a black career professional in corporate America and you’re ready to accelerate your growth in the job market, but…

even though you’re doing everything right, giving twice as much of yourself as everyone else, and still hitting a glass ceiling?

Do you feel frustrated, confused, lost, and ready to throw in the towel because…

 …you’re not getting the pay raise you deserve, you’re always coming in last, and you’re not getting the opportunities that you know deep inside are meant for you?

It’s time for you to stop feeling invisible!

The truth is that you CAN build a transformational career in corporate America, based on your own unique skill set, and your own unique experiences…right in the network that you’re already in

… while being true to yourself!

That’s why you’re invited to join me and 8  AMAZING career experts, coaches, authors, and speakers who will show you how to do this, AND they’ll give you the methods, tools, and support to help get there! You’ll

●      Learn how to see opportunities and go for them!

●      Develop a mindset of resilience, hope, courage and confidence.

●      Define a vision for yourself for who you want to be.

●      Determine what your next step is towards money, opportunity or a promotion!

Plus, you’ll get instant tips you can use right away on branding, networking, how to get a mentor, build the perfect resume and much, much more!

Now, it’s YOUR time!

If you’re ready to get the confidence, boldness, motivation and push to go forward towards more money, better opportunities and top promotions in corporate America, then sign up today!

You’ll hear from the people who are doing exactly what you WANT to do!

Simply click here to get your FREE ticket to this life-changing Black Careers Matter 3-day mentorship series!

See you there!


P.S. You won’t want to miss these sessions! Each of our experts will be giving you FREE gifts and bonuses to make sure that you are 100% supported, equipped and ready for the career and path you deserve!

I was a guest on the RecruiterCast podcast!

Today I was a guest on the RecruiterCast podcast. Yay! Listen below and be sure to subscribe to the RecruiterCast podcast now.

S1E6 – Recruiting and Job-Seeker Advice from a Seasoned Professional with Jim Stroud

Dave talks with Seasoned Professional Jim Stroud about Recruiting and Job-Seeker Advice. From the #1 thing all recruiters should know to become better recruiters, to conversely what is the thing happening the most that should stop in the recruiting practice? [Click here to subscribe to the RecruiterCast podcast]

How To Use Tech To Employ the Homeless

In this episode of “Its All Recruiting,” I have a great chat with Cody Merrill of SocialWyze. We discuss how to put the homeless to work and how Universal Basic Income could subsidize workers displaced by automation and other technological advances.


Cody is the founder of Socialwyze, a gig economy mobile platform that allows governments to pay homeless and other unemployed individuals to perform public benefit work. For each dollar contributed to wages, governments are able to 1) provide income to people who need it, 2) execute public benefit work initiatives on an industrial scale, 3) feed a digital sales funnel to social services, and 4) empower individuals to obtain private employment as quickly as possible. Before founding Socialwyze, Cody spent most of his career in medical software. He studied finance and economics at SMU and the London School of Economics. He is extremely passionate about extending the benefits of technology to all members of society. In an age where Bain and McKinsey are projecting 20-33% job displacement from automation by 2030, he is particularly focused on helping to scale a solution to systematically repurpose human capital into meaningful, socially impactful work.