No hearings. No witnesses. No problem.


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No hearings. No witnesses. No problem.

If you think about it, Congress impeached a President faster than Amazon could deliver a package (7 hours, give or take). This is truly remarkable because they did it on mob rule and mutual hatred that crossed the aisle. However, there is a problem. How can you impeach someone based on inciting insurrection when, evidence appears to the contrary? In a nutshell, the FBI warned of potential violence at the Capitol but for whatever reason, no one acted on that intelligence.

CNN reported on this.

NBC reported on this.

ABC reported on this.

Washington Post reported on this.

TMZ reported on the FBI zeroing on 10-15 Capitol Police who cleared a path for the rioters to enter the Capitol. And a whole lot more arrests are pending. And some Capitol Police said they wouldn’t be surprised if Congress members helped plan the attack.

So if multiple sources (and mainstream media sources at that) are reporting that the riots were pre-planned and not a spontaneous reaction to President Trump’s remarks, wouldn’t that mean they just ILLEGALLY impeached a President without a full investigation?

Legal processes and procedures are there for a reason and this could come back to haunt the left in a big way. If it happened to Trump then, why wouldn’t it possibly happen to Biden? Just sayin’…

Its good to be Gab

If you are not familiar with the social network Gab, check them out. Like (the temporarily down social network) Parler, its a proponent of free speech and patriotism abounds. Without a doubt, it is already a target of the left. The attacks against the platform will only have the unintended effect of causing them to grow. (They call that the Streisand effect.) Below is a comment from Gab CEO – Andrew Torba.

Did you know that the ADL called for a criminal investigation against Gab? To quote…

The January 6 attack at our nation’s Capitol was deliberate and coordinated. Individuals who broke the law must be held accountable, but we cannot ignore that social media platforms, like Gab, may well bear a measure of criminal responsibility for the attack as well. To the extent Gab intentionally served as a forum for people to plan, coordinate, engage in or otherwise facilitate the criminal activity that took place on January 6, a Department of Justice investigation is warranted.

By that measuring stick, Facebook should be investigated because not only are they a haven, their tools aid in recruiting members to those groups. And add Twitter to the list of social media companies that should be investigated and YouTube. But this is not a new problem, there have been academic studies on this kind of thing for years. I digress. Back to Gab.

When it comes to free speech in social media, Gab is the new sheriff in town and they wear the badge proudly. When not mixing it up with tech tyrants and the radical left, Gab is launching new products like Gab TV (a YouTube alternative) and a Gab phone.

If the 75+ million Trump voters flock to Gab and their ecosystem, the left loses a significant amount of influence and… money. Does this mean that the era of big tech companies is over? Not yet, but its coming.

Umm… Is there something you guys aren’t telling us?

So, this tweet was retweeted by the FCC yesterday.

Maybe its the tinfoil in my hat speaking but, what harm is it to store up a couple weeks worth of supplies. Umm… Just in case.

Unfortunately, I could do this all day.

Censorship? What censorship? Its all right-wing propaganda. Or, is it?

The Truth is In Here

Okay, this article on Mental Floss caused both of my eyebrows to bounce in disbelief. I quote…

As SYFY WIRE reports, an online database called The Black Vault recently posted the CIA’s entire collection of UFO documents online—free to download by anyone with an internet connection and a passion for unsolved alien mysteries. Though the CIA has been declassifying content piecemeal since the 1980s, it hasn’t always been so easy to access. 

Does anybody else hear the theme to the X-Files playing in their mind right now?

DNA as data storage

Visualize, if you will, a group of bacteria cells. They are kind of silly looking, when you get right down to it: shaped like a sphere or a pill, sometimes covered in tiny hairs or spikes. While technically alive, it is hard to imagine them as being particularly intelligent, much less capable of storing information like artificially intelligent machines such as computers. Curiously, that’s exactly what a group of researchers just did: edited DNA inside individual bacteria cells in order to store digital data. Read the details here.

Wow. I wonder if this technology could be used in vaccines and rewrite your DNA in some way. Nah, I’m talking crazy.

Millennials are too young to know this

Any person who simply walked the halls of the US Capitol Building during last week’s protest is being labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the American establishment. However, in 1983, a pair of left-wing terrorists detonated a bomb in the U.S. Capitol Building only for the two criminals to be pardoned on behalf of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and then-President Bill Clinton.

So, why is that relevant today? (Beyond comparing it to recent Capitol riots, I mean.)

Susan Rosenberg sat on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, an organization which handles fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

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Gab to the rescue!


NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Subscribe to my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own.

Gab to the rescue!

Gab CEO completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated him on Gab! What’s even more impressive is the did this while traffic was up 700% and under attack from leftists.

This was a GREAT business move for Gab. Half of America will demonize them for doing this and the other half will lionize them. Regardless, they are now undeniably relevant and can no longer be ignored by the mainstream.

Too bad Gab couldn’t pull a rabbit out of their hat for the biggest gun forum on the planet. I say BOO to GoDaddy for that one. Todd Starnes thinks that this is just the beginning of something scary. Facebook does too. They just asked their employees to not wear company branded swag.

What’s weird about all this is that some people are super-supportive of all this censorship because they think it would never backfire against them. Either that they are extremely tone deaf; the truest sign of narcissism. Case in point, despite all the censoring going on at Twitter they had the nerve to post this.

Wow. Just wow. Oh, the hypocrissy.

Can I make some book recommendations? Only because with all the banning going on, books will no doubt be next.


Are you proud to be an American?

I am. Are you? If not, you might work for Facebook. (You definitely work for United Airlines.) And if you are a Texan, most likely you are a patriot through and through. So much so, you rather secede and maintain traditional American values than go hard left. Texit anyone? If it was only Texas thinking of secession I would think, yeah, I’ve heard this before and more than once. However, it might become a trend leading to another Civil War to keep the union intact. Sound crazy? Check out this quote.

“This is not about war, this is not about actually seceding from the United States,” state Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R) told Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo on Monday after praising Americans from around the country for “standing up” and expressing themselves following the election.

“This is about the beginning of a process, an act, just like Brexit,” he continued, referencing Great Britain’s separation from the European Union.

“Brexit was a vote of the people and then five years of a process” to gradually separate, Biedermann continued.

The Texas lawmaker suggested that he and others are already working on “legislation” that would put the question to voters of whether they wanted to remain within the U.S., as British citizens voted 52-48 percent in June 2016 to leave the EU.

Consider the timeline of events…

There is another attempted impeachment attempt underway to remove President Trump who has about a week or so left in this term. The latest attempt spurred on by rioters storming the Capitol. However, there have been contrary reports of blame. Basically, if you follow the timeline of events, President Trump is absolved from responsibility. More details here.

And while it may seem that I am being an apologist for the President, I am not. I just hate the media double standard. They are really doing our country a disservice. Do they really think our memories are that short?

Cool T-Shirt Alert! Get yours now.

Another example of why I don’t trust mainstream news?

So, NBC told me this…

Right-wing extremists are using channels on the encrypted communication app Telegram to call for violence against government officials on Jan. 20, the day President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, with some extremists sharing knowledge of how to make, conceal and use homemade guns and bombs.

Yet, one journalist in the alternative media did some digging and debunked this easily.

After digging deeper into these claims, I found that they are not only incredibly exaggerated and don’t hold up to much scrutiny, but even more disturbingly, seem to be part of an information operation similar to what has embroiled the FBI in many controversies over the past several years.

The reported group behind these planned protests is the Boogaloo movement, which can be understood as a loosely connected contingent of activists, some of which have extremist viewpoints across the political spectrum. Unlike, say, the far-left Antifa organization, the Boogaloo movement has never shown the capacity to organize in every state.

There is hardly anything “pro-Trump” about the organization, whose supporters routinely mock the president and his supporters.

If one journalist could research and find this out then, what was stopping a major media outlet like NBC from uncovering the same information? That’s a rhetorical question.

Would you have made this hire?

Okay, you are a recruiter and you need to hire someone to run a Civil Rights organization for your client.

Imagine that you had a candidate that believed that melanin (skin color) “…endows blacks with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities, something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

Moreover, let’s imagine that same candidate praised a speaker when they denied the existence of the Jewish holocaust.

Furthermore, that candidate thought it was “madness” for the federal government to take the side of Asian applicants’ who had provably been denied college admission, purely because of their skin color. Why? They did not have enough melanin in their skin.

Any level headed person might think such views and attitudes would prohibit them from doing their job in a fair manner. I mean, I would. Unfortunately, others did not.

Sigh. Critical race theory rears its ugly head once again.

Racism. Racism. Everywhere racism.

In an editorial published by the Washington Post, “Trump should be impeached. But that alone won’t remove white supremacy from America,” Hillary Clinton described the “attack on the Capitol” as a function of “white-supremacist grievances fueled by Donald Trump.”

Clinton predicted that last week’s political unrest in Washington, D.C. — which she described as an “insurrection” — is a prelude to a “an even greater tragedy” if digital censorship is not amplified to combat “conspiracy theories” subscribed to by supporters of President Donald Trump.”

America is plagued by a group of citizens who value “whiteness” more than “democracy,” Clinton alleged. 

Read more about this here.

Lockdowns: The Sequel

2 quotes from 2 articles that sent shivers down my spine.


“Right now, because there is so much spread, we’re recommending that people wear their face coverings while they’re inside the home,” Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said at a press briefing Monday.

“That’s for people who are either leaving their home every day for work or who are running errands regularly for their family” Ferrer said. She called it an added “layer of protection while we get through this surge.”


Claiming that the National Health service is at breaking point, the government is said to be considering implementing stricter rules, including compulsory mask-wearing outdoors, and banning so called ‘extended bubbles’, where people are allowed to meet one person from another household.

Most chilling, however, is the revelation that cabinet ministers have privately debated preventing people from talking to each other in the street and in supermarkets, and even preventing people from leaving home more than once per week, and introducing curfews.

Oh, the agony…

Stefan Thomas has just two chances left to get his hands on his $240m (£175m) fortune.

Thomas is a San Francisco-based computer programmer, and a decade ago he was given 7,002 bitcoins as a reward for making a video explaining how the cryptocurrency works.

At the time he was paid, they were worth $2-$6 each. He stashed them away in his “digital wallet” and forgot about them.

Now each bitcoin is worth $34,000, and the contents of his wallet are valued at $240m. But Thomas has forgotten the password that will unlock his fortune.

German-born Thomas has already entered the wrong password eight times, and if he guesses wrong two more times his hard drive, which contains his private keys to the bitcoin, will be encrypted – and he’ll never see the money.

Read the details here. But pray for him now.

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Help Wanted: Democrats need not apply…

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Help Wanted: Democrats need not apply…

What if big companies deny you job opportunities because they disagreed with your opinion? You don’t have to imagine, here’s a quote.

“Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Biden’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.” Lane included Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Kamala Harris, and Hunter Biden in his blacklist of Biden “fabulists,” in addition to Covid advisor to the president Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.”

If you are a Democrat, no doubt that quote is outrageous you and compels you to vent your vitriol on social media in demand of Forbes’ cancellation. Why should any company disqualify applicants based solely on their political affiliation? Well, rest easy, I misquoted Forbes. All of this was said about President Trump and his network. So, is that okay? Read the real quote here.

Identity Privilege Trumps White Privilege

Identity politics is a staple in our country. While it may be well-meaning, it often does not result in overall unity of the nation. Case in point, when plans to help small business affected by Covid, President-Elect Joe Biden said this.

“Our focus will be on small businesses on Main Street that aren’t wealthy and well-connected, that are facing real economic hardships through no fault of their own. Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American-owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.”

Here are some reactions…

For someone “preaching” unity and “we are all Americans”, this is a disingenuous message. Priority should be for ALL american owned small business. No qualifiers or exceptions.

— Craig Forrest (@Javajaded) January 10, 2021

As an Hispanic I say NO! Need is need regardless of identity. It’s quite possible a white male in poverty is in more need than me, a middle class Hispanic woman. You’re going to tear us apart with this. Please, stop.

— Adele (@MadriverMind) January 11, 2021

This is discriminatory. I’m Asian. I don’t want any preferential treatment. I want freedom to choose for everybody!

— Thomas (@TEE_____) January 11, 2021

In response to this sentiment, I would see variations of this theme.

A popular rebuttal to this argument was made by the great Thomas Sowell. In his article, “The Equality Racket,” he said this.

Many in the media and among the intelligentsia are all too ready to go along, in the name of seeking equality. But equality of what?

Equality before the law is a fundamental value in a decent society. But equality of treatment in no way guarantees equality of outcomes.

On the contrary, equality of treatment makes equality of outcomes unlikely, since virtually nobody is equal to somebody else in the whole range of skills and capabilities required in real life. When it comes to performance, the same man may not even be equal to himself on different days, much less at different periods of his life.

More counter-arguments from Thomas Sowell (of which I am a fan) worth reviewing can be found below.

Everything in the USA is not about color.

Left-Leaning Big Tech is slowly imploding.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed that Big Tech insiders are seeking employment with the free speech platform, sickened by Silicon Valley’s monopoly and authoritarian practices.

I cannot tell you how many people… If you only knew what was inside my inbox right now. There are so many people- including senior level inside of Silicon Valley firms who are reaching out to me looking for a job right now. And I’m hearing chatter from inside of these companies from some of my sources that it’s an internal civil war.

And is authoritarian a fair assertion? Some people think so.

God bless Poland. May they inspire us.

In Poland, an initiative announced in late December could see social media companies fined roughly two million dollars if they remove content or block an account if the content does not break Polish law.

“In the event of removal or blockage, a complaint can be sent to the platform, which will have 24 hours to consider it. Within 48 hours of the decision, the user will be able to file a petition to the court for the return of access. The court will consider complaints within seven days of receipt,” Poland In reported.

Read more about this here. I would welcome something like this instead of Section 230.

So, what’s been the effect of Trump censorship so far?

The jury is still out on the effect of all the Trump censorship but, so far…

Despite Twitter’s permanent suspension of President Trump and the mainstream media’s efforts to smear him as responsible for Capitol violence, his approval ratings have remained unchanged.

Conversely, Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after Trump is permanently barred from the platform. Amazon lost $36 billion in market value as the DOW plummeted 758 points. And, of course, there is the whole end of democracy thing.

All that I’m saying is give peace a chance…

I’m a big fan of the Breaking Bad series and universe. Although this quote from Bryan Cranston is not related to that franchise, it has made me a bigger fan of him. Check out this quote from CBN News.

The 64-year-old actor asked: “Where does forgiveness live in our society? Where can we accept someone’s behavior if they are contrite, if they are apologetic and take responsibility?”

Cranston said society would be better if, when someone does wrong and owns up to it, they are “welcomed back in as opposed to creating more fences.”

“I think we need to take a second look at that, exhale, and realize that asking forgiveness and receiving forgiveness are not weaknesses,” he said, “but are human strengths.”

Well said Mr. White. Well said.

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Politics and hypocrisy, the perfect couple…

NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Follow my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own. All tips are welcome. And if you have not already, help spread the message that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Politics and hypocrisy, the perfect couple… 

Ham and Eggs

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Politics and Hypocrisy

Some things are just made for each other. Case in point, let’s do a flashback.

Last year, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick tweeted praise for the ongoing violent riots that were gripping the country at the time. He stayed on Twitter and even got a $3 million donation from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. This week, President Trump was kicked off Twitter for good for allegedly inciting violence among his supporters before they stormed the U.S. Capitol.

There are so many examples of double standards that proponents of free speech have stepped up in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to see a video archive of “every” video of radical left wing violence click here. (They call it “Democrat violence” but I disagree with that distinction. All Democrats are not radically violent.) It is a HUGE archive. I imagine that much of this will be B-roll footage in news reports throughout 2021.

And along the lines of exposing hypocrisy, Gab has a special surprise planned for Twitter. Check out the image below. Looks like someone is going to have a bad day soon.

No matter your politics, I hope you can see how wrong this is. I think this tweet from Hercules says it best.

And all kidding aside, just in case you thought I was, what is happening is scary.

Apple, Amazon and Google. Three billion (trillion?) dollar companies collude (presumably, obviously) to get an alternative media source banned because they disagree with their politics. Is that right? I don’t think so. I think its tyrannical. (And a bit in your face. I mean did you see the heart emoji Twitter CEO @Jack tweeted?) What next? CNN will be trying to deplatform FOX News, Newsmax and One America News because they disagree with them. Wait, what’s this? Wow. What happens after that? People may begin their own deplatforming, starting with Firefox. Sigh. At least people can still express themselves with the crassness of their insults without losing their job or flight privileges or family betraying family or… oh, I give up. Free speech is dead. Big tech killed it.

The Italian Job

In 2 weeks, there will be a swearing in of the President. Such being the case, why the furor to impeach President Trump? I mean, if he’s leaving in a few days why not just let him ride the wave out? Well, this video may have something to do with that. Annnddd… this affidavit.

Politics Matter

Hmm… Your politics matter. Consider these 2 headlines.

  1. Charges dismissed in 37 cases involving people participating in peaceful Black Lives Matter protests
  2. Four Dead, 52 Arrested Amid Pro-Trump Capitol Riots

I don’t know the ins and outs of all these cases so maybe justice won out. I don’t know. It just seems like a double standard. But, again, I don’t know.

Some good news, I think.

Another “cure” (my words, not theirs) for the coronavirus, this one from out of the UK.

The UK said it has two new treatments — tocilizumab and sarilumab — that reduced the risk of dying from COVID-19 by 24% in those who take the medicine. The drugs often look to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

That’s good news for the world. I hope the treatments are cheaper than the mask rule fines some Londoners had to pay.

This seems eerily familiar

So, over in Uganda, this is happening.

The government through the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has reportedly requested all major telecom companies to block access to the iOS AppStore, Google PlayStore, and YouTube. This comes at a time when the country prepares to go into elections on the 14th of January next week.

On 18th February 2016, Ugandans woke up to the harsh reality that they had been cut off from utilizing all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp– it was just a matter of time for the same for something similar to happen again and looks like it is just the first phase of apps that will be blocked.

The Minister of Defense, Adolf Mwesigye, and his Internal Affairs Counterpart General Abubakar Jeje Odongo told the press in Kampala yesterday that they are working to see how best they can manage social media. “We are now having a challenge of citizen journalism. Social media propaganda is certainly not in the best interest of this country’s security. We are looking for a way of dealing with it.” he said.

Google Africa responds. “…it is very hard to just have a channel removed due to a government request.”

Meanwhile in Canada…

Could this soon happen here?

OMG. Stop. Just make it stop. I could really use a relaxing bath right now.

This will make it all better, for a little while

I’m feeling a bit bummed today. (Can you tell?) If anyone were to buy me the car from Knight Rider though, I would probably perk right up. Just sayin’…

Now, one lucky nostalgist will have the chance to own the car themselves. As Car and Driver reports, Hasselhoff is currently auctioning off his personal version of the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Neither K.I.T.T.’s legendary weapons arsenal nor Daniels’s verbal charm is a feature of this particular vehicle, but it is a “fully functional” ride, according to LiveAuctioneers. It also boasts an impressively colorful display of dashboard lights.

And just in case you are too young to remember one of the coolest TV shows of the 80’s, click here to see what you missed.

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First they came for…


NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Follow my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own. All tips are welcome. And if you have not already, help spread the message that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

First they came for…

Do you know this famous poem? I can’t get it out of my mind today.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out

   Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out

   Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

   Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for meand there was no one left to speak for me.

Social media is filled with people celebrating the banning of conservatives from social media because they disagree with their politics. They do not realize that it could very well be them tomorrow. Freedom of speech is for everyone or no one. Why is this even a debate in America?


And the list of people on the banned wagon keeps on growing.

President Trump’s last official tweet

The Next BIG Headache for HR

I don’t see the battle against free speech slowing down anytime soon. If nothing else, its picking up steam. If your company supports any initiative connected to a political ideology 1+ people disagree with there will be a backlash. That’s not new. And people getting fired for protesting once they’ve been outted on social media, is not a new concept either. What is somewhat new and trending however, is the rumbling of attacking companies via employee rebellions. Yes, people are trying to make that a thing. The tweet below is a peek into HR’s next big headache.


This is why you should read the fine print!

NY wants to send COVID “cases, contacts & carriers” to detention facilities. If that sounds like a perfectly plausible and reasonable assertion, check out the fine print of a proposed law being considered in NY. Liz Wheeler breaks it down, with passion. This is real. Watch this video. Do not ignore it. Your politics don’t matter with this.

Baby its cold outside! Warm up with this hoodie.

Question everything
(While supplies last.)

The Keys to the Kingdom

With so much going on these days, have you noticed that Wikileaks made their server public? Among the hidden goodies are the infamous Clinton Emails. Download the data while you can. This is the treasure conspiracy theories are made of before they become conventional wisdom.

More vaccine news to feed my paranoia

So, its one thing to hear dissenting views about vaccines from non-experts on social media and quite another to hear them from one of the most cited research scientists in German history. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a big deal. People know him. In the tweet below, he bashes PCR tests as a waste of time. Hmm…


And this just in, Study: Bill Gates DTP Vaccine Killed 10 Times More African Girls Than The Disease Itself.

The History of Social Distancing


Physical Distancing

Washing your shopping

Health passports


These may sound like modern ideas in reaction to the Covid-19 but they were pioneered in the 1500’s by Quinto Tiberio Angelerio. He wrote a booklet about his outbreak containment methods called “Ectypa Pestilentis Status Algheriae Sardiniae.”

Here’s a translated quote from his work.

“People allowed to go out must bear with them a cane measuring six feet long. It is mandatory that people keep this distance from one another.”

Click here for more history on this.

Should I be paranoid about this? It doesn’t take much.

Here’s a quote from Business Insider

Government-imposed internet blackouts increased in length by 49% in 2020 compared to 2019, per research by digital security and rights group Top10VPN.

According to Top10VPN’s report, 93 major internet shutdowns took place in 21 countries around the world in 2020, including internet throttling — i.e. the only internet available was 2G — as well as social media shutdowns and full internet blackouts.

In total, 2020 saw 27,165 hours of internet shutdowns, up a dramatic 49% from 2019. Top10VPN estimated these blackouts affected 268 million people around the world, up 3% on the previous year.

Umm… What does Hammer and Scorecard mean?


There has been a lot of chatter on the alternative social media channels about Dennis Montgomery’s gag order and the declassification of Hammer and Scorecard information. Apparently it has to do with election fraud and Nancy Pelosi’s missing laptop. Oooh… I so love political thrillers and intrigue. This is so beyond anything I would have expected on House of Cards.

And just in case you thought things were rough for you, check out this guy.

A bit of levity is always appreciated by me.

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