I was guest on the news program – “The Nation Speaks”

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Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was fun because I was able to impress my mother by being on the news program – “The Nation Speaks.” (A product of The Epoch Times.) I discussed the scourge of Corporate America which is critical race theory being taught under the umbrella of “racial sensitivity” or “diversity training.”

I said a LOT but fortunately, they cut out my long-winded diatribes and just left the more coherent bits for the public to view. (Whew!) If you have a subscription to The Epoch Times, you can watch it here. If you do not have a subscription but want to know the details anyway, click here to read an archived article with my comments.

After the interview, I thought of a million things I could have said, should have said, but was too nervous to say at the time. (At the very least, I could have smiled more. Ugh!) In my next newsletter, I will share those thoughts. For now, this is all you get. More soon.

Jim Stroud

P.S. If you are totally clueless about critical race theory, click here.

Recorded Webinar – How To Make a Career Pivot and Find a Job During a Pandemic

Coronavirus, COVID-19, whatever you choose to call this pandemic, it is wreaking havoc on our economy and causing many of us to consider a career change. If you are experiencing a lockdown or the possibility of a future quarantine, career development planning and management might not be at the forefront of your mind. Yet, it should be. But what if you don’t know how to make a career change? And even if you do, how do you make money in the meantime?

In this presentation, Jim Stroud presents, “How To Make a Career Pivot and Find a Job During a Pandemic.” Come prepared to learn strategies and tactics that you can immediately use if you are unemployed, under-employed or unhappily-employed during these interesting times.

Big thanks to Roswell United Methodist Church for inviting me to hang out with them for awhile.

I am loving life at Proactive Talent

www.ProactiveTalent.com – I am loving life at Proactive Talent because they go the extra mile for their tribe (employees) and it shows in little things. Take for example today, I received a gift in the mail as a way of showing support for all this #Coronavirus crazy going on these days. It was well received and appreciated.

Companies, take heed, its small gestures like this that encourages employee loyalty and spontaneous praise (like this) which can bolster your employer brand when candidates do their company research.

Hopefully, a future Tribe member will see a post like this and be all the more excited about working here as well.