How do you celebrate Black History Month? #Diversity

How do you celebrate Black History Month? May I make a suggestion? Pick up a copy of my latest book and share it with your network.

About my book:

Black History Quiz is a word find puzzle book designed to pique interest in African-American, African and Caribbean history and culture. Throughout the book, readers are presented with clues to the identity of influential people and historic events. The answers to the quizzes are words and phrases which are hidden inside a word find puzzle. The topics are diverse and include the contributions of Africans throughout the diaspora in the fields of science, technology, medicine, religion, politics, civil rights, the slave trade, ancient kingdoms, sports and entertainment. Over 250 facts are shared in this volume of word find puzzles that are sure to educate and inspire people of all ages and all over the world. After all, black history is world history.

Black History Quiz Puzzle Book

Sample questions addressed in this book include:

# Who owned the largest black-owned comic book company in the USA?
# Who was the first African American nominated to be a U.S. presidential candidate?
# Who was the first black woman agent with the FBI?
# Who was the African American who invented the guitar?
# Who was the African American woman who invented lasik surgery?
# Where in Africa was the world’s first university?
# Who defeated British troops armed with rifles, mountain guns, and an early type of rocket using only spears and shields?
# What was the name of Moses’ Ethiopian wife?
# Who did President Bill Clinton nickname “the Bill Gates of Africa?”
# Who was “the father of black pride?”# Who is the father of Soca Music?
# A certain African American was the wealthiest black slave owner in Louisiana. Who was he?
# Who was the white abolitionist who advocated for the violent overthrow of slavery in the United States?
# Which female entrepreneur had a sales force of 20,000 people working for her in 1919?
# Who was the first Jamaican to win Olympic Gold?

This puzzle book helps to fill a void left by mainstream education and is intended to be an entertaining way to increase black history knowledge. It is something all ages can enjoy and would make a great gift for students, a valuable resource for homeschoolers and adults looking to reconnect or discover the cultural richness of Africans throughout the diaspora.

It takes more than a month to learn our history.

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2020 HR & Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For

I was honored to be featured with several other experts in the industry on a blog post about HR and recruitment trends to watch out for this year. Here is a snippet from that post.

As we dive into not only a new year but also a new decade, the recruiting landscape has evolved, yet again, and new challenges await for those who fight the war for talent. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, the technological evolution is “bringing disruption to the political, economic and social fabric” and that disruption is “impacting work, workers and employers like never before”.

From digital transformation and the automation of processes to great talent shortages and tech skills gaps, many are the factors that contribute to the main challenges recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and human resources departments will face during this new year.

Here are the top trends in HR & Recruitment that professionals will be talking about in 2020, according to our expert panel…

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HRD Summit/US is coming soon!

I’m speaking at the HRD Summit – March 18-19 2020 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. Will I see you there?

From their website:

The HRD Summit hosts the most senior gathering of People Directors on the globe. We are delighted to host our second Summit in the US in early 2020. Across 2 days our Summit will welcome over 600 attendees to discuss, debate and knowledge share across four streams of content exploring Leadership & Culture, Talent, Engagement and Learning. | Click here to get your tickets now!

FREE WEBINAR: “Big Brother in the Office: How Workplace Efficiency Threatens Worker Privacy”

FREE WEBINAR – “Big Brother in the Office: How Workplace Efficiency Threatens Worker Privacy”

DAY: December 3, 2019
TIME: 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT

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15 minutes ago, the world changed. Social media has infiltrated our lives, bringing together communities of people, but also taking its toll on the mental health of some individuals. As a result, companies have started adapting their hiring practices to better understand their candidates.

So, what are they utilizing? We are now seeing advanced technologies that monitor the emotional fitness of their workers, AI scanning the faces of candidates to see if they are telling the truth, and even employees getting microchipped. These methods may improve overall efficiency and the bottom line of the enterprise, but at what cost? When does the collection and tracking of employee data go too far? How much privacy should an interviewee or employee expect to have? And most importantly, how will these practices affect the future world of work?

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Recorded Webinar: Retention is the New Recruiting w/ Jim Stroud

At a time of historically low unemployment levels, the only thing harder than recruiting new talent is keeping the workforce you have. In this webinar, Jim Stroud discusses the labor market and how some companies are holding on to their most valuable resource. Get to know how talent retention is key to continuous success. This presentation is brought to you by Hiretual.