Resumes aren’t paper, they’re people and recruiters need to be reminded of that…

I read recently that “Military recruiting has been drastically impacted by coronovairus pandemic” and it reminded me of an article I wrote some time ago.

In the article, I discuss how a certain military recruiter used unethical practices to recruit when faced with a quota and a difficult hiring environment. For giggles, I looked up my old article and thought, hey, this advice is still relevant for job seekers today so, I decided to share it in this episode of The Jim Stroud Podcast along with a very special announcement.

Get me out of here! Reasons why millennials are fleeing big cities…

In this podcast, I delve into the reasons why people are fleeing big cities, programs designed to attract remote workers to smaller cities and how it will likely impact the recruitment industry. | This episode courtesy of

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H1B Visas and The American Worker

Facebook is allegedly preferring overseas workers over American workers in order to save money. True or not, it underscores a VERY, very long debate in HR. Tune in for a very controversial episode focusing on a debate that is more than a decade long.

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The High Cost of Protests and Riots

Ten years from now, 5 years from now, next year… Will we be comparing Black Lives Matter to the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Civil Rights Movement? Time will tell…

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Should you be fired for your political beliefs?

Should you be fired over your political opinions? Its happening now. What are the rights that workers have? And what can managers do when politics are discussed in the workplace? In this episode, I delve into this topic and share my insights. Tune in for a very controversial episode.

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