VIDEO: Woke Banking is Coming Your Way Soon

Today I posted a new episode of “The Jim Stroud Show” which focuses on the next wave of cancel culture – financial cancellation. If the woke mob doesn’t like what you have to say, they will block you from certain financial institutions. Sound crazy? Its already a work in progress. Check out my latest video for details. Apologies in advance for the audio in some places, due to technical difficulties. Enjoy.

Woke Banking is Coming Your Way Soon

The cancelling of Alex Jones paved the way for the censoring of many conservatives, most significantly President Donald Trump. Gradually, freedom of speech is disintegrating in America and the worse is yet to come. As reprehensible as it is to be banned from social media, its all the more worse to be banned from financial institutions because of your personal opinions and/or political affiliation. If that sounds far fetched to you, tune in to this episode and learn about the “No-Buy” list that political activists and companies like PayPal are working on now.

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Who checks the fact checkers?

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Someone sent me a clip of an influential Democrat claiming that Republicans were behind the “Defund the Police” movement. For those in the know, it was a HUGE lie that should have been reported on ad nauseum and debunked by fact checkers. However, the tepid rebuke was slow in coming. It made me wonder, who are the fact checkers that the public relies on to verify media stories? Can they be trusted? More often than not, no.

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The Involution Revolution

In China, the pressure to outcompete others begins at an early age. From securing a place at a bilingual kindergarten, getting into a “key school” and then an elite university, to landing a job that pays well enough to afford a comfortable life in the city. A lot of young people in China are wondering these days if all this hard work and constant competition to be the best is making their life easier or worse.

Enter the Chinese word “neijuan,” which is translated “involution” and “tang ping” which is translated “laying flat.” The meaning? Why chase after success? Instead, embrace a peaceful life by lowering your standards and ambitions. In this episode, I discuss this trend in China and explore how it could be a good thing for America.

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Critical Race Theory in the Workplace – What Can We Do About it?

Taking a few days off this week. Back soon. For now, check out my appearance on “The Professor’s Record.”

In this interview of The Professor’s Record, I interview H.R. professional, entrepreneur, and author, Jim Stroud about why he decided to start informing the public about the dangers of critical race theory.

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