I Invented Outsourcing! And other strange tales…

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Below is the original description from an episode of “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” as it appeared on October 24, 2007.

I invented Outsourcing! And other strange tales…
Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss plagiarism, IBM’s attempt to patent outsourcing, Google (allegedly) giving an old guy the boot and sleazy recruiter tactics.

00:31 – This episode brought to you by Affinity Circles
01:16 – Karen is back in the lounge
02:39 – IBM tried to patent “Outsourcing” (snicker-snicker)
04:08 – You can not patent the alphabet (either)
05:54 – (Batman’s enemy) “The Joker” was trying to patent fish
09:03 – Dr. Evil’s father invented the question mark
10:10 – How does one plagiarize training material?
11:05 – You can copyright how a fish is prepared (recipe), but not the fish itself
11:36 – I see no comparison, its generic training
12:10 – How can someone own the training of recruitment processes?
13:17 – There was no definition of what was plagiarized or how it was plagiarized
15:58 – Google fired someone because he was too old?
17:01 – That can’t be right
18:58 – I wouldn’t want to go there
21:12 – Are you a fan of “The Office”
24:45 – If they had it back then, they would have used it back then
26:41 – They’re called helicopter parents because they hover around
30:24 – Let’s go from doom and gloom, to a little bit sleazy
31:52 – Who hates you? Nobody hates Karen Mattonen
32:20 – So, you’re telling me you had the cigarette, but you did not inhale?
35:17 – (The Recruiter) will then turn around and call your boss and say you were looking
37:44 – And the lawyer had some choice words for them I’m sure
38:27 – I’m quitting smoking (yeah, right)
39:52 – Questions or comment? Drop us an email…


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Prior to real estate, Karen had developed a positive reputation as a successful recruiter and Trainer who owned and operated several successful Recruiting/HR and Training business ventures. Karen takes a different approach to real estate, one that is built on personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. Karen Mattonen utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, she listens and that means she finds solutions that are tailored to you!

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Bailouts, Layoffs and Socialism

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

[Original air date: 12.11.08] Jim is multitasking, but manages to discuss with Karen the pending bailout of the auto industry. What would happen if the government bailout did and did not happen, all of the jobs and people that would be affected and… socialism? What has that got to do with anything? Tune in and find out.

What happens when you wear a Burqa to work?

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
[Original air date: 05.06.2010]

In addition to The Recruiters Lounge, Jim and Karen produced a mini-series called “HR Smackdown” where we tackled the most controversial HR issues. It was short-lived because we decided to just incorporate those topics into our regular podcast. Anyways, this episode is from our HR Smackdown series and it was (as promised) quite controversial. Here is the original description.


Jim and Karen fight like cats and dogs over Burqas in the workplace. Karen thought it was fine. Jim, not so much… And what was intended as a 15 segment turned into an hour long verbal slugfest! Still, even with all that, Jim and Karen managed to cite other stories in the news like the Arizona controversy and Recruiters who landed in hot water after pursuing (what they thought) was easy money. (Who thought charging people for job seeker assistance could go so horribly wrong?) Tune into the podcast drama that is – The HR Smackdown.

A few highlights from the podcast:

02:14 – Do you like 4 letter words?
02:33 – Do you need a public speaker for your next meeting or event?
05:00 – If it hasn’t happened in your office yet…
08:42 – Will the dash in front of our names ever go away? Will we just be American?
14:04 – Illegal immigrants.. Hispanic, Indian and Korean
19:22 – What’s going to make him or her “look” illegal?
25:38 – Do you have the right to change your religion from Baptist to Catholic?
31:20 – Can I put in my Employee Handbook that women have to wear the Hooters uniform and not a Burqa?
37:45 – So he’s a good terrorist because he has a heart now?
41:10 – Can you tell me one incident that a woman in a Burqa killed someone in the workplace?
47:08 – It doesn’t take a Burqa to commit a crime
54:00 – I would have it in my employee handbook that you could not wear something that hides your entire identity.
56:30 – We talk and argue like this all the time

Tune in to hear a lively debate as it was originally aired on 05.06.2010. How have things changed since then? Please leave a comment below. 

Government Fibs, No Need For H-1Bs and Recession Proof Jobs

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

[Original air date: 05.28.08] Jim is sleepy, but Karen is hyper as she rants about Government Fibs on the Labor Market. Guess where all the Recruiter jobs are? (At least those that are not in the USA) As much as you possibly can, spread the love to China (via the Red Cross). Why is Microsoft (and other big name brands) lobbying for more H-1Bs when there are so many Americans out of work? (What a debate that is.) And last (but certainly not least), 25 recession proof jobs. Tune in for all of the above and more in the latest edition of The Recruiters Lounge Podcast. Oh! Did I mention that Jim and Karen bicker like little children throughout this podcast, but make up in the end?

Layoffs, Salaries and Sex in Second Life

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

[Original air date: 11.22.08] In this retro lounge episode:

“Karen is all doom and gloom about the economy, while Jim looks for the silver lining for Recruiters suffering from the econoclypse (get it? like the apocalypse?); by referring them to different industries to recruit for. Or at least Jim tries to, Karen won’t let him speak. Plus, Jim and Karen discuss a rather bizarre, sad, but true story of sex in Second Life. It seems that even in a recession, there is at least one industry that is still doing well. (Guess which one it is.) All this and more in your favorite Recruiting podcast – The Recruiters Lounge.” Umm… “The Retro Lounge,” that is.