In case you didn’t know, stagflation sucks…

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original description of this retro episode:
Original air date: February 27, 2008

Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss “Stagflation” and how it affects the recruiting industry (and life in general.) Also, be careful how you classify your workers because it just might cost you a billion dollars. (Yeah, that’s billion with a “B.”) If you hire consultants, you CAN NOT miss this episode. Plus we react to your letters. (Keep ‘em comin’) All this and the usual bickering and bantering you’ve come to love here at – The Recruiters Lounge. | Big thanks to Proactive Talent.

Sexual Harassment From Female Managers

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
This episode of “The Recruiters Lounge” originally aired on February 20, 2008. The original description went like this…

“There are more women in managerial roles these days and more cases of sexual harassment being made. Coincidence? Gender Revenge? Or just a new plot for crude adult films? You decide!

I wonder… With unemployment going up, which groups are hurting the most? (You probably already know.) And finally, a debate, should CEOs be able to command mega-moolah if the company’s value consistently goes to the toilet?

Accept no imitations! You will only find this kind of exciting, action-packed rhetoric in – The Recruiters Lounge!”

This episode brought to you in part by Proactive Talent –

TRL – How India Should React to the US Recession

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

This retro episode of “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” originally aired on March 26, 2008. The original title was “India and the US Recession” and this was the original description…

An IT Staffing firm in India is gets some ideas from Jim and Karen on what they should be doing while the US is in recession. Karen and Jim bicker (briefly) over the virtues of Capitalism verses Communism. Is it a good time to buy property and then rent it out? And oh… Happy Belated Birthday Karen!

TRL: John Sumser Discusses Ethics in Recruiting

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Jim Stroud interviewed John Sumser and together they discussed recruiter ethics, diversity and more. Tune in to hear how it was back on April 17, 2016 in this retro episode of “The Recruiters Lounge” podcast.


John Sumser is the founder, principal author and editor-in-chief of the HRExaminer Online Magazine. John explores the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. John is the also principal of Two Color Hat where he routinely advises Human Resources, Recruiting Departments and Talent Management teams with product analysis, market segmentation, positioning, strategy and branding guidance.