Monster, Recessions and Alcohol-free Interviews

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series
Original air date: September 5, 2007
[Original description below]

Monster, Recessions and Alcohol-free Interviews
Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the hack attack at, the pending (?) recession and what it means for Recruiters and Alcohol-free Interviews!  

00:26 – This episode brought to you by WorkGiant
02:55 – Amybeth is a sweetheart
07:05 – Insourcing, many companies are comaing back home
10:10 – fouth straight weekly loss
13:28 – they don’t realize that sometimes a recession is a good thing to have
15:25 – its really a market readjustment back to normal levels
19:33 – that was kind of soft compared to the 1990′s
22:52 – the scariest thing about Greenspan is that he is not elected
26:54 – a quick break from our sponsor – BountyJobs
30:15 – Monster was hacked and it made the national news
33:00 – their PR group is sleeping at the wheel
37:39 – I have to hear and feel that Monster cares
42:10 – here is the ebig question, “Will Monster go away?”
45:11 – Who would buy Monster if Monster was on the block?
48:12 – They don’t want recruiters serving alcohol?
50:56 – some companies are not serving alcohol at Christmas parties
52:15 – See you at SourceCon!

How To Ruin Your Reputation with Email Templates

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

This episode of The Recruiters Lounge originally aired on MAY 19, 2008. And this was the original description…

Ask The Headhunter‘s Nick Corcodilos has an axe to grind with The Ladders and (OWCH!) was that blade sharp! Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen debate how and when to use Email Templates when prospecting passive candidates. The lessons learn might save you from a PR nightmare like the one caused by Nick “The Axe Grinder.” Plus, Jim takes a second to pump up his new book – Resume Forensics. (“Resume Forensics” by Jim Stroud is still available on

Plus a special shout out to:

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TRL: Having Fun with H1-B Visas

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

The original description from April 10, 2007 is listed below.

Jim Stroud and (the long-lost) Karen Mattonen discuss the changes happening at and H-1B visas. Has Karen found a loophole in the system?)

0:30 – A word from our sponsor – Bountyjobs
1:40 – And now a word from another sponsor – WorkGiant
3:40 – The long lost Karen Mattonen has returned
4:00 – I was in India training recruiters how to source
4:50 – International man of mystery
5:20 – Karen has been very busy and putting people on edge
6:05 – Karen is going solo?
7:20 – Okay, here’s twenty dollars
7:37 – John Sumser is the new sherriff at
8:17 – John’s website was (and always has been) required reading
8:45 – John Sumser is the reason Karen Mattonen does not blog today!
10:33 – Whatever John says (tends to) comes true?
10:55 – H-1B Visas all gone in a day
11:26 – Karen explains a loophole (?) cap exemptions
13:26 – New bill in the house regarding H-1B issues (and Karen says its so needed)
14:31 – Its a matter of national security
16:10 – Americans are pretending to be foreign nationals with H-1B visas, so they can work? (Wow!) Too funny…
17:48 – Aren’t companies supposed to hire Americans first anyway?
18:48 – Million-dollar payoff for a foreign national who was ripped off by a staffing agency?
20:30 – Feel the love
21:28 – Being aware of the law makes you a better recruiter
22:00 – Bye-bye

What’s wrong with smoking pot?

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

In this retro episode of “The Recruiters Lounge,” Special guests: Marie Journey and Mike Notaro join Karen Mattonen and Jim Stroud in discussing the online reputation of candidates and how much that factors into sourcing. Tune in to a discussion that is still very much relevant today. Original air date November 2010 (possibly 2008, not sure, sorry).

Democrats, Recruiters and Pending Regulation

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

“Democrats, Recruiters and Pending Regulation”



Democrats are in power and recruiters should be concerned. Jim Stroud, Karen Mattonen and Doug Beabout discuss pending legislation and other issues affecting the recruiting industry.

0:32    A disco welcome for the new year
1:00    Check out my new site for the new year
1:21    And now a word from our sponsor  Barbara Ling
2:10    See for yourself –
3:07    Things have changed. Democrats are now in power.
3:35    Will Democrats force regulation on our industry? (Probably)
5:10    Recruiting is #1 growth industry in service
7:20    Sure its coming, but 270 votes are needed to pass it in Congress
9:20    A lot of recruiters just don’t know any better.
12:30    Companies know how to do it too, so what do they need us for?
15:32    Sure our clients can recruit people on their own, but that’s not a concern.
18:50    That person is a dynamic investment. They bring in more money than any machine
19:58    The best recruiting company is going to be in a niche
21:19    Somebody wants a passive candidate, but they don’t want to pick up the phone
22:10    We had a good thing going for a while there
23:12    To say you’re a sourcer… is a misnomer
25:20    These people have some of the most nefarious practices I have ever heard of
27:49    I bring the advantage of being the outside voice
28:46    Jim Stroud is a babyboomer? (Ummm… no)
29:11    Doug’s latest product for the “rookie recruiter” (6 hours on CD)
30:48    Contact Doug for more info (
31:20    Karen gives her personal testimony
32:00    Th-th-that’s all folks!