TribeTV: The Future of Work Is Virus Screening Technology

In an earlier episode, Jim Stroud predicted the demise of the modern office and new evidence suggests that his foresight was accurate. Companies are slowly, but surely, reducing office space in favor of work from home employees.

Conversely, some businesses are using cutting edge technologies and innovative procedures to protect customers and workers alike. Among the tools being leveraged are virus screening technologies, medical questionnaires and extreme social distancing measures. There are also rumors of immunity passports being the gateway to economies reopening worldwide. Jim Stroud discusses it all in this very controversial episode of Tribe TV. Subscribe to the Proactive Talent blog for even more compelling content.

Resources cited in this episode:

The Future of the Office is Social Distancing [video]

In this fourth episode of Tribe TV, Jim Stroud examines what companies are doing during this time to maintain social distancing guidelines while keeping offices operational. From wearable devices, rearranging office layouts, and canceling large events, see what changes are being make to the workspace to keep offices safe, and what longer-lasting impacts these may have on the world of work, recruiting, and overall company success. Thank you Proactive Talent for sponsoring this series!

Do This! Not That. Employer Branding Tips During a Pandemic

Jim Stroud examines the way companies are treating their workers during this Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Some enterprises are severely damaging their employer brand by the way they are laying off their staff whereas others, are going above and beyond to do all they can for their workers. Companies featured in this episode: Dig, Bird, HEB, Facebook, Activision and PaloAlto Networks. | Articles cited in this episode can be found on the Proactive Talent blog.

Coronavirus: The Good, The Bad and The Lovely



The Coronavirus has stymied the growth of a booming American economy and is threatening to trigger a recession that will affect the world. In response, some companies are massively hiring workers who are struggling during these uncertain times. However, does that good will signal something that Americans should be wary of? In this episode of Tribe TV, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing for Proactive Talent, examines the economic impact of the Coronavirus, how businesses are coping and how even the worst of times bring out the best in people. / Please subscribe to this blog – NOW. New episodes are produced twice monthly.


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Walmart hiring 150,000 new workers and giving bonuses to current staff

Instacart plans to hire 300,000 more workers as demand surges for grocery deliveries

Dollar General hiring 50,000 nationwide

Pizza delivery in a pandemic: Domino’s is hiring 10,000 workers

CVS to hire 50,000 workers to deal with coronavirus rush, give bonuses to employees

Why PepsiCo is hiring 6,000 full-time US workers during the coronavirus pandemic…

Kroger hiring more than 10,000, changing store hours as coronavirus spurs panic buying

Black and Hispanic unemployment is at a record low

Unemployment rate hits record low for Asian Americans

Unemployment Rate for Women Falls to Lowest Since 1953

U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low

Jobless claims set to skyrocket by 700 percent in one week as U.S. sees “unprecedented surge in layoffs”—Goldman Sachs

Lidl hiring up to 1,000 temporary employees and offering COVID-19 medical coverage ::

Will Begin Offering All Contract Workers Benefits…

CVS Health to Provide Bonuses, Add Benefits and Hire 50,000 in Response to Pandemic

PepsiCo To Provide Enhanced Benefits To All U.S. Employees And Additional Compensation To U.S. Frontline During Unprecedented Health Pandemic

Small businesses could crumble in mere weeks as coronavirus pandemic exacts toll

Small-business owners face tough decisions as they wait for government loans to arrive…

‘We’re risking our lives’: Why Amazon warehouse workers are walking out over coronavirus fears

Union sues to get hazardous duty pay for federal workers at risk of coronavirus exposure

‘This is not a game’: Perdue plant employees walk out over COVID-19 concerns

“Pittsburgh garbage collectors protest, demanding protective gear “We risk our life every time we grab a garbage bag,” one worker said.”…

Uber and Lyft drivers protest to demand more benefits during coronavirus crisis: Rideshare workers are calling for enforcement of California’s AB5 which would allow them at least three days of paid sick leave”…

Thousands of grocery delivery workers plan to strike for better protection | NBC Nightly News


How the Coronavirus Affects Recruiting

The impact of the coronavirus is undeniable in our society and especially in the world of work. Layoffs and hiring freezes threaten our economy and cause concern for the future. Despite the worrisome outlook so many businesses are experiencing, there is a great opportunity for those enterprises willing to heed the advice herein.

In this premiere episode of Tribe TV, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing, reviews the current work landscape and suggests a short-term business strategy that can have long-term positive ramifications. Tune in for a quirky but, informative consultation on how the coronavirus is affecting recruiting and how best to respond.

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