How To Use Search Engines to Find Your Next Boss

You ever have one of those moments when you realize the obvious? I had one of those today. I was helping someone look for a gig in the manufacturing industry.

I suggested to them that they connect with people via Linkedin and network and they were like, “No, Jim, I’d rather not.” (Long story short, it’s not a good idea to spam in general, and especially on Linkedin.)

So, okay, they were kind of stuck, and looking at me for advice, of which I had… none. So I decided to stall.

“So who do you want to network with?” I asked.

“Facilities Managers,” they replied.

So, I thought about it, and scratched my head. And thought about it some more, and scratched… Then, I finally came up with a solution. Certain companies hire Facilities Managers (in this case, manufacturing companies), and what do these companies have in common?

Well, among them, they all have “about us” pages in their websites. Such being the case, if I searched “About Us” pages for job titles, would I strike paydirt, and find the people my client wanted to network with? The short answer? Yes!

Check out these examples:

First, Google:

Then, Bing:

And, last but not least, Yahoo!:

The best thing about this technique is that it will work in any industry, and the company contact information is (almost) always posted. So, at the very least, you have a phone number you can use to reach out to that manager and (if you have a gift for gab, like my client had) talk your way into an opportunity.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few more samples for your review (new browser window will open)…

The only thing that is negative, and I really can’t say its terribly negative, but this technique works best with senior management types and sales personnel because they tend to be the ones featured on company websites. Get it? Got it! Good.

Happy hunting,

Jim Stroud

The Perfect Job For Me (Part 2)

I recently discovered a “Social Butterfly” opportunity online and thought that I would be a very compelling candidate. I am sharing it here for the benefit of recruiters and/or entrepreneurs who may be interested in discussing this type of role with me.  I am also adding a reasonable business case why I should be considered as well.

# Social Butterfly Job Description
# Why you should hire me for the role
# My Resume and Career Highlights

# Social Butterfly (a.k.a. Social Media Marketing Manager)

[Company]  is seeking a Social Butterfly, someone to yell from the rafters about what great things we are doing and bring a voice to what are customers are saying about us. Long gone from the cocoon, you’ll have the opportunity to serve as the hub of information for [Company], the ability to reach out and touch someone, and the invaluable role of providing feedback to the team across all functions – Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Support, Development and Technical Support. If we’re doing it, ante up because you’ll have a hand to play.

As our Social Butterfly, here’s some of what you’ll be doing…

You are our voice!

Like Ty Webb says to his protégé Danny Noonan, “Just be the ball, be the ball, be the ball,” as our advocate your primary role is to “just be the customer.” (Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that quotes Caddyshack in a job description?!) The only way to do so with any glimmer of success is if you’re a good listener, love monitoring what’s going on, and being active in understanding what people are saying in the “community.” You’ll also have to actually engage with users, responding to their requests and needs, or just through conversations, both privately and publicly. We need a social butterfly, not a wallflower!

You are our evangelist!

One thing we know is that trust is everything in this business. On the list of things to do, our evangelist will promote events, products and updates to [ Company]’s users through the best way you know how…your social media toolbox. As you’re part of the community, you have to develop and maintain a high degree of trust and support.

You are our communicator!

Working across [ Company], the Social Butterfly will have a role to play in determining, evolving and executing [ Company]’s communication strategy. Execution is huge! No social butterfly could thrive without being super-familiar with all the tools of trade. No need to mention them…you know what they are.

You are our sponge!

Our Social Butterfly loves feedback and figuring out how the rest of the team can use it to make [ Company] better. ‘Nuff said!

Who are you?!

Ever watched a butterfly in action? They don’t just flit around aimlessly. There’s method to the madness, for sure. As they go around the garden, gleaning a little nectar from each flower before moving on, they move with beauty and purpose. Our Social Butterfly is no different. You’re social. You’re a people person. You’re gregarious. You have grace and ease. Jeez…life wouldn’t be the same without you!

Still interested, but want more corporate speak?

Your accountabilities will include…

  • Serve as the initial point of contact for inbound requests from [ Company]’s users and the web at large; monitor online conversations and participate in them to build brand visibility and thought leadership.
  • Identify, analyze and escalate issues, patterns and trends in customer requests, as well as product and marketing performance.
  • Identifying and facilitate user generated content.
  • Author blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos and screencasts – whatever media you want to use – to creatively communicate product uses.
  • Establish metrics and report on them on a regular basis, including recommendations.
  • Identify and engage advocates.
  • Creatively and proactively assist customers.
  • Participate in professional networking by interacting with peers and influencers and attending events.
  • Stay up-to-date on new social media tools, best practices and how other organizations and companies are using them, so that [ Company] can continue to be an early adopter.

Desired Skills & Experience

What you must have…

  • You spend a lot of time online and stay up-do-date on new, fun things out there for web savvy users, as well as regular people.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You love to write and enjoy sharing your ideas with others.
  • You are an independent, creative self-starter who loves running with things while keeping everyone inside and outside the company in the loop.
  • You are net savvy – addicted to social networking sites and all things web.
  • You love helping people and find it rewarding to solve their problems; then you love to proactively use that experience to make the whole service better.
  • You have the ability to work cross functionally.
  • You like working hard and thrive on the excitement of a goal-oriented team.
  • You enjoy learning and are curious.

One more thing to push you over the top…




Your Social Butterfly (Social Media marketing) role is (in all modesty) the perfect role for me.

I love social media.

  • I have used Social Media to develop large audiences (50,000+) across multiple platforms.
  • My twitter blog was cited by and Entrepreneur Magazine
  • I have won multiple awards in connection to my blogging. (corporate and personal blogs)

I have produced several video web series (corporate and personal series).

I have produced several podcast series

  • The Recruiters Lounge Podcast
  • Jobseekers Revenge Podcast
  • The EnglishCafe Business Podcast

I am comfortable being the “face” of a company

  • Served as an evangelist and EmCee for SourceCon, a global conference for 3 years in a row.
  • Served as an evangelist and leading personality at EnglishCafe during my tenure.

I understand video SEO

Furthermore, I have created comics, screenscasts and managed training and competitive intelligence projects for Fortune 500 companies. I am known for being an innovator and am very net savvy.

Your opportunity sounds VERY interesting. Can we talk?

Jim Stroud


# My Resume and Career Highlights


The Perfect Job for Me (Part 1)

“In case you didn’t know,” he says to me. “I am open to new opportunities.”

I nod my head as I listen.

“I have applied for job after job after job, but not getting anywhere.”

I nod again and ask the kind of work he wants to do and as he tells me his story, my thoughts drift to myself. (Sorry, but they did.) I get approached for opportunities, but not for what I want to do, I mean really want to do. Instead, I get opportunities pitched to me that fit my background. I know that it only makes sense for that to be the case, but I keep hoping that a recruiter or entrepreneur can use some imagination and create a role that meets me where I am and where I would like to be. I only share this because after giving someone some job search advice, I am going to eat my own dogfood.

I am presently consulting for a few clients, so I figure if I am going to this, its better now than never. The advice I gave someone was to continue job searching as he has been and to read my blog for additional strategies. In addition to that, I suggested that he find jobs that are PERFECT for them. And when I say perfect, I mean that he could build a strong business case as to why he would be the ideal candidate for the position. When he find those roles, I suggested that he blog the job description and give a business case as to why he should be hired. I told him not to mention the company where he got the job description (so as to reduce his competition) and I said that I would do the same so as to serve as an example. So since I strive to keep my promises, in the next post (or maybe next few posts) I will do the same. Worst case, I help someone else get a gig. Best case, I get my dream job.

We’ll see what happens…

How to Search Job Boards You Never Heard Of

Do you know how many job boards there are online? What are you thinking? 20… 40…? 100…? There is an organization called “International Association of Employment Web Sites” and according to them there are more than 40,000 employment sites that serve job seekers, employers and recruiters worldwide. (See for yourself at: )

That being said, how likely is it for you to search everyone? Pretty unlikely? Well, don’t be so sure. Eventhough there are 40,000+ job boards out there, Yahoo has done a pretty good job of indexing their content. As such, if you search Yahoo a certain way, you will be able to search most (if not all) of those employment sites. In doing so, you not only find jobs that your jobseeker competitors might know about, but you will also discover niche job boards that focus on your particular skillset. For example, let’s say that you are an accountant looking for an Accounts Receivables position. This is how I would look for that job with Yahoo.

  • intitle:accounting (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) (apply OR submit OR eoe)

At this writing, there are 217,000 results! Not bad and since… what? (My spider sense is telling me that you have no idea what I just did.) Hmm… Let me explain to you what I just did with that search.

  • intitle:accounting – Yahoo look for web documents that have accounting in their title
  • (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) – Hey Yahoo, while you’re at it, look for the words job or jobs or careers in the title of web documents as well.
  • (apply OR submit OR eoe) – Just before you show me anything, check those webpages for the words apply or submit or eoe. Why? Job descriptions typically say “apply for this job” or “submit your resume” or have eoe on it somewhere. (Equal Opportunity Employer)

Just in case the lightbulb is flickering in your mind (but not quite fully lit), here are a few more examples to spark your online curiosity.

This is how I would find an accounting job in Atlanta:

  • (404 OR 678 OR 770 OR 912) intitle:accounting (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) (apply OR submit OR eoe)

This is how I would find an accounting job with great benefits:

  • “excellent benefits” intitle:accounting (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) (apply OR submit OR eoe)

This is how I would find an accounting job where I could work from home:

  • (intitle:”work from home” OR intitle:virtual) intitle:accounting (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) (apply OR submit OR eoe)

Although I am using Yahoo as the searchengine of choice, since their results are being powered by Bing, you can run the same searches there as well. In doing so, you may stumble across additional results? Why? Although the same search technology is powering both websites, they still have different indexes. Sure there will be some overlap, but there will always be some results unique to each engine. Hmm… for that matter, let’s take it a bit deeper and try this search on the metasearchengine – Dogpile. (What? What’s a metasearchengine? Oh, that’s a searchengine that searches other searchengines. Can you dig it?)

Hmm… Check out what I found when I used this search string:

  • intitle:accounting (intitle:job OR intitle:jobs OR intitle:careers) (apply OR submit OR eoe)

Dogpile not only searches Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask at the same time, but it also shows you where the results came from and which results are exclusive to that search engine. Case in point, (1) Dogpile points out a job vacancy from Robert Half that was indexed on Bing and Yahoo, but was not listed in Google or Ask and also (2) a job posting from that was indexed by Google, but not Yahoo, Bing or Ask. Very interesting! By searching on Dogpile, I can not only save time by searching four searchengines at once, but I can also save some time by looking at exclusive results. Cool! At least, I think its cool. (Smile) Look me up and let me know what you think.

Happy Hunting!

Jim Stroud