How To Source Passive Candidates from the News

How to source passive candidates from the news is the topic of this episode of The Jim Stroud Show. Jim demonstrates how to use the video search engine Blinkx as a way to generate leads for recruiting purposes. Also, Jim Stroud reveals the real name of his video editor and the contest winner who will get the prize! Click here to download the show notes.

How To Effortlessly Track Your Google Searches

How to effortlessly track your Google searches is the topic of this week’s episode. Its a GREAT method of keeping up with info overload without extra effort. Plus, Jim finds out a secret about his video editor and gives away an iTunes gift card / Amazon gift card to anyone who wants to share in the mystery. Tune in for more information. And last, but not least, find out one of Jim’s most guarded secrets. Just another day on the web for The Jim Stroud Show. Download the show notes here:

How To Post to Multiple Linkedin Groups from One Page

How to post to multiple Linkedin groups from one page is the subject of this week’s episode. Is this even possible? The short answer is yes, by using a certain Chrome extension called “Add to Any.” Click here to download the show notes which has links to all of the items mentioned in the show. Thanks!