How To Source International Candidates [free ebook]

My trip to Australia seems to be coming up fast. (Wow! Where does the time go?) I have been speaking to recruiters and sourcers over there to get a feel for what its like to source candidates over there and the feedback has been invaluable. As a way of saying “thank you,” I am giving away a free ebook on “How To Source International Candidates.” Click here to get your copy (even if you’re not able to hang out with me in Australia).

How to source international candidates


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I am speaking in Australia! Yay! [video]

Jim is excited about his trip to Australia (Australasian Talent Conference) and asks recruiters and sourcers from the land downunder to help him out. Plus, Jim shares a tip on how to find free resumes in Australia. And, if you ever wanted to learn how to speak Australian, be sure to watch this episode all the way through. (smile)

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Hang out with Jim in the land of Oz!

The Hidden Job Report for 5.16.11

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The Hidden Job Report for 5.16.11