How do I get noticed by a hiring manager? (Part 3)

Hmm… This one question is getting a lot of mileage. Should I stop? Let me know in the comments.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 3)

A:Once you have found magazines, trade journals, newsletters, whatever, that speak to your niche, look at the advertising. Chances are the companies featured in the magazine have a job opening or, may soon have a job opening. It can’t hurt to look them up and see what’s what. Maybe you can get lucky and strike up a conversation on how you can save them the expense of posting a job opening for a certain role because you already fit the bill. Just sayin’…

Hmm… I think I am beating a dead horse with this strategy as I cannot think of anything else to do with magazines as a resource for jobs, so… Oh, wait, I just thought of something else. (Smile)

Most magazines have a feedback section, sometimes its called “Letters to the Editor,” but its all the same. People who have read the previous issue share their thoughts on what they read. In many cases the person commenting will list their names, emails and (in fewer cases) their website address. Why not comment in this printed forum and instead of a website (assuming that you do not have one) list a link to your Linkedin profile or (better yet) a link to your resumebear resume. At least if you do that, you can get stats on when it was seen, printed and/or forwarded. Just a thought…

For inspiration, I am sharing an image of the feedback section of “Fast Company” magazine. The arrow is pointing to someone’s name, location and email address. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a hiring manager happened to be reading your brilliant comment and send an email to you for more information? Hey, it could happen, but only if you write in. Just sayin’…


How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 2)

In my last post, I answered the question, “How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager?” by suggesting that you get yourself featured in the news. In this post, I want to go a bit deeper with that strategy.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 2)

A: Look up reporters that specialize in your niche and get them to quote and/or write about you. This may sound like a daunting task, but its actually quite easy. Well, its easy to find them, getting them to write about you is the challenge. To do that, go to the library (or bookstore) and pick up a copy of “Writer’s Market.” Its a NICE resource that gives you a list of all the consumer magazines and trade journals in circulation. At least, I think they list everyone, if not, certainly most of them.

Once you find a magazine that catches your eye, get a copy of it and take note of the people who wrote the articles. Send an email to the reporters / writers of the articles (and sending one to the Editor wouldn’t hurt) citing yourself as an expert willing to be quoted in an article. (What’s the worse they can say?)

Writer’s Market has a website that you can subscribe to for a nominal fee ($5.99), but I prefer the hardcopy. I guess I’m old school that way.

Do you know of any other resources that will let me connect with reporters who report on industry specific issues? If so, leave me a comment as (contrary to popular belief) I do not know everything.


Fired Over Facebook

In episode #4, Jim discusses the (all too often) conflict between social media and common sense. Scroll down for more jobhunting resources.


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How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 1)

This month I want to experiment with a new type of blogging format or at least, new to me. I get a bunch of questions tossed at me from time to time. So, I figure, why not just post some of the questions I get and my answer in a a quick and easy short attention span kind of way? Let me know if you like it? You will? Thanks!  Okay, here we go, somebody asked me the following  question via Linkedin.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 1)

A: The short answer is to get featured in the news saying something brilliant and amazing, so amazing that a hiring manager says to himself (or herself), “Wow, what a brilliant and amazing comment. I must hire that person!”

Hey, it could happen!

Of course, you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good Jim, but how do I get on the news to say something so brilliant and amazing?”

Option 1: Chase a few ambulances and find a reporter giving a breaking news story, then stand in the background with your resume on a posterboard and say… something brilliant and amazing.

Option 2: Connect with Reporters that are looking for someone (with your background) to quote in their next story. Of the two options, this is the one I recommend the most.  Here are a few resources to help you out along that wise.

Help A Reporter Out


Reporter Connection



Top 100 Skills by Job Demand (and Average Salary)

As you might imagine, I review a lot of websites. Well, the other day I found one that caught my eye because of all of the stats it gave – OdinJobs. I am still reading over the site so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but at a glance, Odinjobs seems to collect jobs from 50,000 companies and uses that data to gauge the top 100 skills by job demand (and their average salaries).

They also put their data on a map so you can see visually where your state is in comparison to others in terms of salary and job demand. Oh! They only focus on Information Technology jobs, just thought I would point that out.

If you are an IT professional and curious what the going rate is for someone in your skillset, its worth a peek. Just sayin’…