Its only racist when Trump does it! Not Biden.

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Its only racist when Trump does it! Not Biden.

National File: Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed President Joe Biden for attempting to quietly continue work on the southern border wall project commissioned by President Donald Trump, just after Biden loudly proclaimed that he was ordering the halt of all construction on the barrier.

You down wit’ CCP? Nope, not me.

FOX NEWS: China is attempting to brainwash Christians by holding them in mobile “transformation facilities,” according to a new report. Radio Free Asia relayed stories last week from a man given the pseudonym Li Yuese, who said he was beaten in a windowless room for nearly 10 months. 

Somebody give that man a cape! He’s a superhero.

INFOWARS: Alex Jones sees a group of children being crammed into the back of a car to be smuggled away and intervenes.

By their own logic, PayPal is a racist company.

WND: The opposition of major corporations such as Coca-Cola and Delta to a Georgia election law has drawn attention to an alliance of more than 1,000 companies that, in effect, have identified themselves as opponents of voting integrity. The Civic Alliance boasts on its website that its membership has grown to 1,119 companies that employ more than 5 million people.

PayPal is one of the companies listed as making a stand against election-integrity laws that mandate Voter ID. Below is a tweet that puts their stance in perspective.

Umm… what did you hear him say?

Gateway Pundit: Listen closely and you might hear what the defense wants you to hear.

Whether he said it or not is irrelevant. If he Officer Chauvin is not found guilty of murdering George Floyd, cities will burn. Black Lives Matter will see to that. At least, according to BLM Activist Maya Echols.

Sedition? What sedition? They made it up.

Fake news newspaper concept isolated on white. EPS 10 file. Transparency effects used on highlight elements. Despite all the outrage and the threats of charging “insurrectionists” with sedition—the act of attempting to overthrow the government—proving them based upon actual facts and evidence seems to be increasingly unlikely. For example, Michael Cantrell reported on America’s Sheriff that:

“Many of the trials for individuals involved in the Capitol riotof January 6th have started and much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere, the charges these folks are facing aren’t quite as serious as we were all led to believe they would be. In fact, the Justice Department has now said that the body of evidence in these cases is not as damaging as it was previously thought to be.”

With so much fake news out there, good thing we have Bill Gates and George Soros teaming up to make things right. #Sarcasm I wonder if they are going to go after what CBS what they did to Governor DeSantis?

Behold, the mask of the future!

WEF: Wow. With so much scientific investment into developing such a device, its almost as if some people are planning for the pandemic to never end.

Biden Backs Off Boycott After China Threatens Him

Gateway Pundit: The State Department backed off of talks of the US boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics as China threatened a “robust” response. State Department spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday said a boycott is something that the US wishes to discuss with our allies. “It is something that we certainly wish to discuss,” Price said, “A coordinated approach will not only be in our interest but also in the interest of our allies and partners.”

Its due to incidents like this that the foreign press (from allies, at that) that we are seen as weak on the world stage. Listen to how the Australian News compares Biden to Trump. Did the foreign press love Trump. NO. However, they did not say things like this.

Did you hear about the noose in California? Me neither. Hate hoax?

NOQ Report: Like NOQ Report, I am highly skeptical of the alleged hate crime of hanging a noose near students at a major California University for the same reasons they cite. (My emphasis added.)

IF the perpetrator was white, here’s how it would have gone down by now. The school would have held a press conference revealing the student’s race at the very least, possible even his or her name. They would have addressed it as swift justice and that they’re now in the process of determining what criminal charges should be filed. They would be offering counseling to students of color as they consider whether to make race sensitivity programs mandatory for all, especially white students. Mainstream media would be swarming. The social justice ambulance chasers would be clamoring for cameras. There would likely be rioting of some sort.

IF, on the other hand, the perpetrator was a person of color, there would be radio silence, as there is right now, even after the person had issued a confession and been expelled from the dorms.

I will add to their list of reasons, my list of 100+ race crime hoaxes from 2007 – 2020.

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Ga’s new voting law: I checked. Its not racist.

NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Follow my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own. All tips are welcome.

There has been a lot of hoopla recently about Senate Bill 202, a new law signed by Republican Governor – Brian Kemp. How you view this law depends on whose talking points you believe and whether or not you read the actual law, which most people have not. Its intent is to enhance voting rules so elections are fair and safe. As reported by The Hill, the bill will…

“…require voters to provide a driver’s license or state-issued ID card number to request and submit absentee ballots, and it would curtail the use of ballot drop boxes, limiting their placement to early-voting locations and making them accessible only while the precinct is open.”

It also, according to BreitBart…

…gives the Georgia State Elections Board the ability to take over county election boards in areas that may require oversight. Georgia’s Secretary of State, currently held by Brad Raffensperger, would also be removed as chair of the State Elections Board.

In addition, the bill, which has now been signed into law, shortens the runoff election span, taking it from nine weeks after the general election to four weeks and prevents food or beverages from being given to voters who are waiting in line to vote.

Some people have seized on the language that prohibits giving people water standing in the voting line which is why there were so many tweets and Facebook and Instagram comments like this in circulation.

President Biden commented on the SB 202 as well when he called it an atrocity.

There has been a lot of debate over Biden’s comments and much of it has been debunked for those willing to listen. I will share some of what I have heard.

The issue of prohibiting people water in the voting line is not new. Its been in effect since 2005-2006 timeframe. Look up the phrase “Line Warming” which is basically giving someone a gift (for example, water or food) in an attempt to persuade them to vote a certain way. (This is the reason why you see signs that say no one can campaign within 150 feet of a voting station.) Essentially, its meant to stop things like this (see below) being given to voters in the voting line as a way of promoting a candidate.

To prove this further, here is some language from the actual law. Obviously, few people in the mainstream media (and some politicians) have not read it.

No person shall solicit votes [or] distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to [a voter] … This Code section shall not be construed to prohibit a poll officer…from making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle to [a voter] waiting in line to vote.

The National Review made some very interesting observations about SB 202 that I feel compelled to share as well.

Now, first of all, notice what is not prohibited here. Voters can still bring bottled water or other food or beverages with them to stand on line to vote, as people often do when waiting at Disney World or to buy concert tickets or in other public places where people stand on long lines. Voters can still also, if they like, order food; the bill doesn’t stop the Domino’s Pizza man or the local hot dog cart or taco truck from doing business. And if you feel impelled to donate food and drink to voters, you can still do that, too; you just have to give it to the poll workers so they can put it out for general use. The president’s claim that “You can’t provide water for people about to vote” is just false. What you cannot do under the new Georgia law is deploy people in National Rifle Association t-shirts and MAGA hats to hand out free Koch-brothers-financed, Federalist Society–branded pizza to voters.

Someone else who has read the actual law is Henry Olsen of The Washington Post who said this among so many other noteworthy comments.

Jim Crow was a heinous system that systematically denied Black Americans — and many poor Whites — their constitutional right to vote through bogus “literacy tests,” poll taxes and other measures such as “Whites only” Democratic primaries in states where Democrats were sure to win. Backed by racist law enforcement and threats of violence or lynching by the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups, even Black people who were able to vote often chose not to. It took the civil rights revolution, and especially the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to undo this system.

The new Georgia law does nothing to return the state to this terrible time. Black voters will still be able to register without hindrance. And they, like all other Georgians, will be able to vote in many different ways: on Election Day, in-person before Election Day, or by mail without an excuse if they are 65 or older.

And after dismantling much of the alleged “Jim Crow” claims others have been making, he ends his piece this way.

No bill is perfect, and reasonable people can disagree about the balance between voter access and election integrity. But Democratic claims that this law amounts to racist voter suppression should be seen for what they are: overwrought partisan rhetoric that unnecessarily increases racial and political tensions.

And to his point, some Democrat leaders have indeed used this new law to fan the flames of racism with the hope off garnering political influence later and thus, acquire (or stay) in power. For example, Stacy Abrams applauded Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-star game out of GA, as it was done to show disapproval for the new “racist” voting law.

Woke CEOs supported Abrams and the Democrat leadership for their stance against the racial oppression they believed was inherent in the new law. Coca-Cola and Delta were the most vocal.

But then, the political winds started to change. President Trump called for a boycott and his supporters rallied in approval.

And then other observations were made about the law. The All-Star game would cost Atlanta $100,000,000.00 in lost revenue. It was also realized that Major League Baseball was taking the game from 51% Black Atlanta to 76% White Denver. And just like that, opinions about the new voter law changed, somewhat. Stacy Abrams seems to be walking back her opposition against the law after it sparked such a monumental economic loss for GA. (Something that may haunt her in future political campaigns?) Red State points this out…

Abrams wants everyone to forget her part in this, but as they say down South, that dog won’t hunt. She made the choice to not only actively lie, but to lobby corporations to take action. Well, they did so, and now she’s responsible. You don’t get to be a “leader” when it’s easy and then obfuscate when it comes time to own the consequences of your leadership. Anyone making excuses for Abrams at this point is just a hack — period.

Meanwhile, seeing an opportunity for his state, NY Senator Chuck Schumer invited Major League Baseball to have the all-star game in his state.

Well, that did not go over well for Schumer whose tweet went viral with Republican backlash. Among them…

Brad Slager of Red State

Nick Gillespie

Brian Kemp

So, a quick recap, because I shared a lot.

  1. The new law (SB 202) is not racist.
  2. It does not prevent people from getting water in the voting line.
  3. Democrat leaders like Stacy Abrams used the law to garner political power and it backfired causing GA to lose $100 million in revenue and major companies to be boycotted. (Time will tell if those ties to the Democrat party are broken as a result.)
  4. It also gave Republicans an opportunity to call out Chuck Schumer on his hypocrisy.

So, what have we learned from this? I think we learned that people should read laws before actively protesting them. I think we should recognize that politicians will manipulate the low-informed public whenever possible to attain more power. More often than not, left-leaning politicians will use accusations of racist intent as a way of persuading the masses. The mainstream media will champion narratives like that because it gets them higher TV ratings to profit from. (A win-win scenario for both parties.) Most of all, I think the public has finally seen this for what it is, race pandering, and will reject it so profoundly that this type of thing will never happen again.


Sorry, I needed that laugh.

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Ignorance is the Most Dangerous Thing

NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Follow my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own. All tips are welcome.

The first article to catch my eye today is this one by Revolver – “Wait Until You Find Out What They’re Not Telling You About Covid-19” which starts off with this pearl of wisdom…

Informed consent isn’t possible when the opinions of renowned experts are being censored by those who control which voices we get to hear.

Few truer words have been spoken. The article goes on to share expert opinion related to the Coronavirus that has been suppressed by the mainstream media. Here are a few of the lesser known facts you probably had not heard before, all from the aforementioned article.

Lockdowns started because of China.

And, speaking of foreign enemies, only a tiny percentage of Americans know that the whole idea of locking down in response to a respiratory virus had never been so much as suggested in all of history until China’s Communist Party rulers started pushing it on the rest of the world in 2020.

55,000+ Scientists have formally disagreed with lockdowns.

You’ve probably never even heard of Harvard University’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff, one of the world’s most cited epidemiologists and infectious disease experts. And it’s next to certain that you’ve never heard of the document eviscerating the madness of lockdowns that he and over 55,000 other scientists and medical professionals have signed onto — the Great Barrington Declaration.

So who is Dr. Martin Kulldorff again?

Besides being a world-renowned expert, Kulldorff is also a member of the COVID-19 vaccine safety subgroup that advises the CDC, FIH, and FDA.

For some reason, Twitter thinks they know better than him because they censored him.

And then there is Dr. Mike Yeadon who was the Chief Science Officer and VP of Respiratory Disease Research for Pfizer. Yeadon was also in charge of all of the firm’s research and development. Towards the end of last year, however, Twitter started censoring Dr. Yeadon’s posts on COVID-19 too. To further quote Revolver…

In November of 2020, Dr. Yeadon and 22 other renowned scientists published a report eviscerating the first and most widely used test for COVID-19 as fraudulent science and demanded that the paper validating it — which was published a day after it was submitted and, hence, couldn’t possibly have been subjected to peer-review — be retracted.

Let that sink in as well.

Almost two dozen respected researchers including the former head of R&D at Pfizer have been claiming since November that the COVID-19 test used to generate the case and death numbers that convinced us to accept lockdowns is the product of systematic scientific fraud and completely worthless.

And you’ve heard nothing about it.

I highly recommend you read the Revolver article with the hopes that it inspires further research on your part. It certainly did for me. Here is only some of what I found recently. I highly doubt you heard much about it if you only listen to the mainstream media. #DoYourOwnResearch

So, the other day, CBS interviewed Dr. Fauci where he said children should be vaccinated before they are allowed to play together without masks.

Mike Yeadon (the Pfizer guy I mentioned earlier) has a different view of things. He has been quoted as saying…

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.

Maybe, Mike Yeadon – a highly esteemed and credential researcher from the private sector is wrong and Anthony Fauci who spent the majority of his career in the federal bureaucracy is correct. I don’t know and will not advise in any way beyond considering that Yeadon is apolitical whereas Fauci clearly is not.

Yeadon is also not the only medical professional to speak out. Vinay Prasad is a MD and an epidemiologist. Check out his tweet below.

And nothing to see here. Keep it moving.

Some people are still hesitant about getting a vaccine because of the possible side effects like what happened to this guy after receiving the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. To quote:

A Virginia man suffered a rare reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine that caused a painful rash to spread across his entire body and skin to peel off, doctors said.

That painful rash reaction is not the norm, by any means. Neither is getting Covid after being vaccinated but, it happens sometimes too.

Over 100 people in Washington state have tested positive for COVID-19 more than two weeks after becoming fully vaccinated against the disease, officials said. The Washington State Department of Health is investigating reports of the so-called breakthrough cases, which it said are expected with any vaccine.

Deaths (sometimes) happen from vaccine shots as well. To date, 900+ deaths have been attributed to the vaccine. To quote:

A program for vaccine safety co-managed by the CDC and the FDA shows that more than 900 people have already died after receiving coronavirus vaccine shots, but some experts say the data has been misinterpreted. 

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national early-warning system that receives and analyzes possible vaccine safety concerns. Anyone can report an adverse vaccine reaction to VAERS. As of Sunday evening, the VAERS database showed 977 people have reportedly died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. Over 49% of those who died received the Moderna vaccine, while 51.97% received Pfizer’s vaccine. Another five cases received shots from unknown manufacturers. 

What is most striking to me in all of this is the public reaction. Either people believe the mainstream narrative that vaccinations will bring us back to the normal and those who doubt. This tweet is a perfect metaphor of the American public on this issue. Which character do you identify with?

So, what’s my stance on the issue? I am not an epidemiologist so I cannot speak definitively on the efficacy of the Covid vaccines. However, I can say that there are competing narratives and one is (obviously) being suppressed. Why? Like so many things, I believe it all comes down to money and power. As far as power is concerned, consider this quote from The Dossier‘s article, “The Big Lie: How COVID-19 became a disinformation operation wrapped in a virus: The CCP pulled off the greatest deception in modern history.

China has emerged economically unscathed by Corona Mania, while the West is entirely depleted due to lockdowns and other self destructive measures. China has been open and thriving, without much of a vaccine rollout whatsoever, for more than a year, while the West is still inundated in lockdown madness. In the end, China launched WWIII in the form of the coronavirus, and won the war without firing a single shot.

And the money angle? I see it among the clearly short-sighted mainstream media looking to capitalize on fear at the expense of American democracy and freedom. Here is a quote from Evie Magazine which did an excellent job putting in perspective the media’s culpability.

The goal doesn’t seem to be reporting all of the facts, or presenting them without an agenda for that matter. The goal is to drive views, clicks, hits, to promote readers and viewership. But we engage in that, subconsciously and passively, to our own detriment.

Well said.

That’s it for the day. More tomorrow.

Social Credit Scores in America are a Bad, Bad Thing

NOTE: At some point, before bed, I read through 50+ news sources and share my findings here. If you like it, share it. If you don’t, share it. Follow my blog now to support my work or to find new reasons to complain about it. My opinions are my own. All tips are welcome.

Back in 2018, I discussed China’s Social Credit Score on my video series – “The Jim Stroud Show.” I thought it was scary then and now, I find it absolutely terrifying. I’ll explain why in a moment. First, check out the video I produced in 2018 called – “The Social Credit Score in China is a Bad, Bad Thing.” In a nutshell, the Social Credit Score (SCS) monitors your every move via surveillance cameras, ranks you on your behavior then rewards and punishes you based on that score. I make predictions on the worse that could happen.

The due date of the Social Credit Score in China was 2020, although they gradually rolled it out prior to that date. Check out this video from May 1, 2019. It showcases a “model Chinese citizen” as ranked by their social credit scoring. Notice how people applaud the system and how journalists receive low scores when they write unfavorable news stories about politicians.

If Chinese citizens don’t like the program they cannot say for fear of damaging their SCS. On April 19, 2019, it was reported by The Globe and Mail that 13.5 million people were deemed untrustworthy and punished. Here’s a quote:

People deemed untrustworthy in China have been blocked from the purchase of more than 25 million plane and train tickets, as the country works to build a social-credit system designed to monitor and shape the conduct of its citizens.

Chinese courts have now added 13.5 million entries to a list of dishonest persons subject to enforcement, as authorities improve their ability to collect and share information, according to new statistics unveiled on Thursday by the National Development and Reform Commission.

By the end of March, people deemed untrustworthy had been blocked from buying 20.47 million air tickets and another 5.71 million high-speed rail tickets, the government said.

The release of statistics comes as China works to set in place a social-credit system intended to assess citizens’ reliability and ultimately to govern their ability to participate in a wide range of activities, such as exporting goods, accessing government contracts, converting currency and receiving Communist Party promotions.

The technology that China uses to pull this off is simply incredible. Check out this video on how China tracks you. [Posted: December 13, 2019] What really caught my eye in the video were things like toilet paper rationing, beauty rankings and how they are able to detect suspicious activity in large crowds.

All of this AMAZING surveillance technology made me wonder where China was on its goal for making SCS fully functional over its citizenry. I was relieved to learn that it was not yet perfected, although (obviously) very close to their original vision. And while the existence of SCS in China is scary enough, the more horrifying thing is that it is coming to America in the guise of “Vaccine Passports.”

New York Magazine commented on how the Biden Administration was considering a vaccine passport rollout. While it may sound like a welcome and convenient development to some, for me I shudder at the fine print. Check out this quote:

According to internal communications, the administration is anxious not to fumble the passport rollout, after stalled or failed efforts on coronavirus vaccinations and testing kneecapped previous responses at critical early points. “A chaotic and ineffective vaccine credential approach could hamper our pandemic response by undercutting health safety measures, slowing economic recovery, and undermining public trust and confidence,” read one slide from a March presentation from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. At the same time, proof of vaccination “may be a critical driver for restoring baseline population health and promoting safe return to social, commercial, and leisure activities.” There is also some focus-group evidence that vaccine passports could help convince Americans who do not want to get inoculated to sign up for a shot.

So, a vaccine passport might be used to rank people’s behavior in order to allow them to interact with society, do business and have fun in public. It sure sounds like the SCS from China to me. And just like in China. politicians would likely be exempt. Case in point, here is a quote from Jen Tsaki, White House Press Secretary.

Well, I would say the President travels, as does the Vice-President, on a private plane. That is the purview of every president and vice-president throughout American history. That is of course different than traveling on a commercial flight and going to mass events. As you know, the President is not hosting rallies, nor is the Vice-President. We take the role of being models quite seriously, but I think most Americans would recognize the difference.

The more I look at this, the more I see SCS and the more I see SCS, the more I wonder how much of China’s influence is affecting the USA’s strategies on this. For that matter, I also wondered how China was influencing other countries with similar programs? According to this Wikipedia article, Chile, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom and Venezuela all have some form of this system in place. And for sure, the United States has a version of SCS already in effect. You see it used to censor Conservatives all the time. Most recently, Facebook announced that not even President Trump’s voice would be allowed on its platform. Not a big surprise once you realize that the SCS used in China was built (in part) by bigtech giants Google and Facebook.

So, what could be more horrific than China’s SCS being practiced in the USA and assorted countries? Only this, China running a SCS program for EVERY country in the world. If you think that can’t happen, consider this quote from Newswars.

The chairman of data firm PANDA claims that China has asked the World Health Organization to appoint Beijing to oversee a global vaccine passport system, an ominous prospect given how China’s social credit score system operates.

This tweet features a video where the PANDA chairman made the comment. Please listen to it. I don’t want to be freaked out alone.

If its not obvious by now, I will make this plain.

Vaccine Passports = Social Credit Score = World Domination by China

Today, some would call this a conspiracy theory or simply, utter nonsense. In this, I would be VERY happy to be wrong. Yet, I don’t think I am. A one world government is being formed right before our eyes. Funny, I think I read a book predicting this would happen one day. I think it was in Sunday school.

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2 + 2 = 5

Heroes do great things. They also perform small acts of resistance. Case in point, one teenage boy resisted his teacher’s attempt to turn him into a racist. Sounds weird, I know. Tune in to hear about one inspiring act of resistance against critical race theory in school. 

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