Google, Spam and Employee Liabilities – Oh my!

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Google, Spam and Employee Liabilities – Oh my!

Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the pending brain drain at Google, Recruiters spamming candidates and the liabilities an employee represents to a company. And oh, Jim Stroud tries to sing again. (Please make him stop)

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3:06 – Have you heard of Google?
4:52 – A lot of people will leave and that’s a major concern of Google’s
6:35 – An interesting affect on the stock market
7:14 – 30 minutes later you took a breath
8:17 – Right now I’ve contacted the Attorney General in San Diego
10:47 – Harvesting is going onto company directories
13:55 – …other states are implementing their privacy laws too
17:54 – So if a recruiter gathers a bunch of email from somewhere and began emailing
18:58 – Click here and I will take your name off the list
22:30 – That’s against the Can-Spam act because the headers were wrong
24:45 – Imus is a shock jock who says…
25:40 – Bill Mahr slammed Christians in some of his tv dialogues
26:04 – I didn’t know just how liable a company can be when an employee…
28:33 – I am sitting here at home representing a company
30:19 – So the lesson is, if you are drunk, don’t scream out your company name
30:44 – Feel free to email me with questions and/or comments

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