Google Plus Recruiting: You should be doing it! This is why…

Let Jim Stroud train you on how to recruit with Google Plus

It is my opinion that recruiters are sleeping on Google Plus. It is simply too big and too useful to be ignored. I give a few tips on how to leverage Google Plus for a recruitment advantage, but if you want more than that, look me up! I LOVE talking about Google Plus and welcome the chance to train you and/or your group of recruiters on its many virtues. Cool?

And oh, if we are not already networked together, connect with me on Google Plus as well. 😉

Big thanks to Dice for featuring me in their interview series. One love.

How to Get a Job Now (…and never look again!)

Over the weekend, I had the good fortune of being a guest on Tyrone Griffin’s “Bunny Slippers are Evil” podcast. I think I ran my mouth too much, but my information seemed to be well-received (and I had a good time to boot).

Tune in to hear how I survived a layoff in the 2008 recession and a second one in 2011. In both cases I found work pretty fast using the principals I discuss on the show. Tune in to see what I mean and please, do share this blog post with someone that could use the advice. Thanks!

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I blogged a lot at #SHRM12

I soooo enjoyed myself at #SHRM12, SHRM’s National Conference in Atlanta. I tweeted more than anything else and was later surprised by that stats I generated. (Hat tip to @joelyoh) During my time at #SHRM12, I tweeted more than anyone else (369 tweets), my tweets were the most popular (retweeted 277 times) and collectively generated 5.3 million impressions. Wowzers! I guess I was more into it than I thought I was. (Smile) Below is a screenshot of the stats (click for an even better look) and here is a link to where I got it from. Just felt like sharing…