Big Data is Going to Get You

Big data, like the rhythm, is gonna get you! I had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Gadomski of Aspen Advisors during the off hours of the SourceCon 10th anniversary conference in Austin, TX. We discussed big data, security concerns, applying for jobs with an Amazon Prime account and more. Tune in for all the fun.

Inside this podcast:

01:44 – The data breech of Equifax
05:33 – We’re so used to swiping right
09:43 – Where CRM and ATS exist together
11:53 – If I am a candidate, I know I’m not in a black hole
15:45 – You got a 24-hour notice saying you wanted to check in
18:09 – How cool would it be if Puma knew I was a java developer and also a customer?
21:33 – If that’s the conversation, interviews go away and we have dialogues
25:15 – You better sell it that way
28:15 – I like that idea. I’ll invest in that idea.
30:15 – Hi Cyndy. You’re on the podcast. Cyndi Davis!
31:15 – Thank you so much for listening


Andrew Gadomski is the Chief Advisor and Founder of Aspen Advisors. Aspen was founded in June 2006. Andrew started Aspen Advisors after a diverse and successful career in staffing and branding so corporations that are socially and globally conscious can become great at recruiting talent and advance their value propositions exponentially.

Prior to Aspen’s inception, Andrew was the head of staffing for Honeywell Specialty Materials (2005-2006). Within his first year with Honeywell, he managed over 30 executive positions globally for the officer team, centralized and managed all search partners, coordinated University Relations, hired the staffing team, and designed and converted to outsourcing all of North American staffing.

Andrew regularly speaks at talent related conferences across the country. He lead the ANSI Cost Per Hire Workgroup, sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management. Andrew is also an adjunct professor at New York University. Connect with Andrew Gadomski on LinkedIn

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I was for big data in HR before I was against it. This is why.

How to use big data in HR and recruiting

I was very fortunate to speak at the 2014 LinkedIn SourceIn event in New York last month. My topic was “I was for big data before I was against it.” Everyone was awake when I was done, so I added it to my “win” column. These are the points I addressed.

# Why are recruiters doing more posting and praying than ever before?
# Who are some masters of big data?
# How are companies using big data to improve their recruiting processes?
# How are companies using big data to improve office efficiency?
# Is big data really “the civil rights issue of our era?”
# What should companies worry about when it comes to using big data for recruiting purposes?
# Why does Jim ramble at times and get distracted so easily? (Seriously, that’s something I ask myself all the time and… squirrel!)

Tune in to the video below and let me know your thoughts? I would really appreciate it.


P.S. Click here for a list of links pointing to the articles and resources cited in my presentation.