Whatever you are doing, stop it and hire Lamia Gouda!

Hire Lamia Gouda now!!!

I stumbled across a gem today! While searching for something else, I discovered the video resume of Lamia Gouda. Curiosity took the better of me and I watched a VERY funny and engaging pitch of a very talented woman: Actress, Translator, Video Editor, Voice Over Talent and Stylist. She speaks multiple languages (Arabic, French and English) and not only that, she is also quite the entrepreneur. Check out her iPhone game where she has fight and outwit other actresses for a coveted Hollywood movie role.

Hire Lamia Gouda today. Look at her CVWhat I really like about Lamia Gouda is the impression she left with me. Sure, I could look at her resume and get a feel for what she can deliver, but what has me the most interested is all the intangibles that are not on her resume. Judging by her website and how it scrolls from left to right, instead of the usual vertical scroll tells me that she looks at things differently. The way she plasters her very expressive face next to each website section lets me know that she understands that she is ultimately selling her self to employers and not just a bunch of keywords. Having new media embedded in her site helps a lot as well.

This is a Nokia commercial she was in.

I have to admit that when I first saw her video resume, I thought it was a promo for an online web-series. Plus, since it was in a language foreign to me, I doubted that I would watch it all the way through. That being said, the production was first rate, Lamiaโ€™s performance was hilarious and captivating and I (literally) stood up and applauded her efforts. Anyone can see that she has gone the extra mile to get the attention of a potential employer. I will keep my fingers crossed that she gets all that she is pursuing because she is definitely working hard for it.

Check out the video resume that got me excited enough (and laughing enough) to want to write this blog post about her.

Lamia Gouda’s Video CV

Good job Lamia Gouda! If I could, I would hire you today.

Jim Stroud

P.S. Lamia, please consider adding English subtitles to your video resume. For that matter, French subtitles as well. Please do yourself a favor and check out this website: DotSub

P.P.S. You are one hard working woman with boundless talent. Love the game by the way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Job Search Tips: How To Find Hidden Jobs [video]

Did you know that traditional job searches leave you at a disadvantage? Why? Simply put, there are a lot of unadvertised jobs that you are overlooking everyday. If you do not know about these hidden jobs. its because you have been looking in the wrong places. Its time to do something different!


00:26 – Thank you National Urban League
00:39 – Shout-outs to: Bernard Hodes Group
02:13 – Who is Jim Stroud?
04:14 – Where do companies hire from the most?
07:37 – Would a recruiter be able to find your resume by doing this?
11:26 – This is how I position myself to be found by recruiters
17:09 – Why you should be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
19:36 – LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers
29:38 – Twitter Tips for Job Seekers
32:58 – Google Plus Tips for Job Seekers
35:25 – Facebook Tips for Job Seekers
42:33 – Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation
47:00 – How to manager your privacy settings on Facebook (OMG! Do this now.)
50:40 – Do this to make it easier for recruiters to find you.
53:01 – Cool Tool for managing your online reputation
57:47 – I suggest you search job boards you’ve never heard of. Here’s how
01:02:05 – A VERY interesting website that I recommend job seekers check out.
01:04:48 – Want to chat with me?

Please pass this video on to anyone (and everyone) you know who may be looking for work or are currently working, but want to make a change.



Finding Hidden Jobs Online

I am a bit behind in my preparations for the next season of The Jim Stroud Show, but never fear. Its coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the interim, allow me to share this little tidbit.

I am giving a webinar on “Finding Hidden Jobs Online” on April 10th at 1:00pm EST. It is being brought to you by Bernard Hodes Group and The National Urban League. Bring pad and pencil and be ready for information overload as I share cutting edge job search strategies for finding work in these uncertain economic times. Click here or on the image below to register.

See you there!