Recruiting: Its not all about social!

With only a few seconds before her presentation, Sarah White was gracious enough to grant me an interview at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference about what she learned and what she shared with others. One key takeaway, “Its not all about social.” Lesson learned: Don’t be so caught up in social that you neglect other steps in the recruiting process.

Social Recruiting: Content is not king! Conversation is.

A Social Recruiting Strategies Conference recap is given by Autumn McReynolds. Listen in to what she learned. The least of which, when it comes to social recruiting, content is not king. Conversation is.


Who is doing Social Recruiting right?

I missed William Tincup’s ¬†presentation on boosting user adoption, but was (fortunately) able to get a quick recap from him. We also talked about the panel discussion he was in and examples of companies that “get” social recruiting. Very informative. Check it out.¬†(Were you at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference 2012 in Chicago?)

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How To Develop Your Talent Community in 30 Minutes a Day

How to develop your talent community in 30 minutes a day is the topic of my interview of Maren Hogan, CMO of Red Branch Media. Tune in and take notes as she delivers concisely what you need to know to make your talent community thrive.