How To Protect Your Company Reputation with Anonymous Feedback

How to protect your company reputation with anonymous feedback via the iPhone app – “Blind” is the topic of this episode. Please like, share and comment on this video.

// DESCRIPTION: A company is only as good as the employees it keeps. If the employee morale is low, that could translate to a negative company reputation that hurts your employment branding efforts. I suggest that you protect your brand with anonymous feedback. The iPhone app – “Blind” is used by several companies to monitor their employee relations with anonymous feedback.


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Do you have the right to be forgotten? – The Social Recruiter Podcast

Do you have a right to be forgotten?

The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Google must comply with the EU Data Protection Directive, what some are calling the “right to be forgotten” ruling. As of now, ordinary citizens can request that Google remove links when their name is searched if the information is inadequate or irrelevant. How will this new development affect recruiting? Tune in to find out. Links related to this podcast: