Resume of a Social Media Manager

If you are in the Atlanta area, you are welcome to join me this Wednesday, March 2, 2011  to attend a presentation I am giving called – How to Recruit Using YouTube. Its a free event, so if you can come, cool. If not, maybe I will send you my notes (if you ask nicely).

Well, anyways, I would like your help with an experiment. If you would, please check out my latest YouTube video and (on the YouTube site) leave a comment, share it (Twitter, Facebook, et cetera) and/or give it a thumbs-up. That would be a HUGE help with my presentation. Will you do it? You will?! Thanks in advance.

Okay, the video is below, but (again) please leave your comments on the actual YouTube page.  Later gator!


Resume – Social Media Manager

Thank you for viewing my video cv. Please scroll down for information on opportunities I have a particular interest in. As promised in the video, here are links to my resume and other relevant information.

* My Resume:
* Linkedin:
* Career Highlights:

I am interested in positions that involve, but are NOT LIMITED to, the following duties: social media management, content development, online marketing, site optimization and metrics.

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In the debut episode of “The Jim Stroud Show,” Jim gives jobhunting tips on how to find hidden jobs on Twitter. Download the show notes:

UPDATE: The Hidden Job Report is no longer free, but it is super-cheap. Check it out at

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