12 DuckDuckGo Search Tips You Should Know to Boost Productivity

DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google, and its main focus is users’ privacy. If you have ever used this search engine, you already know what it can do for you.

DuckDuckGo Search tips and tricks

Whether you are a new DuckDuckGo user who is trying to learn what all this site can do or you have already been using the site for some time, learning some of the search tips for this famous search engine will not hurt.

Here are some DuckDuckGo search tips and tricks you can use when searching for something.

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To fully understand the privacy of Facebook and how it’s likely to evolve, you need to understand one thing… Facebook executives want everyone to be public.

As the service evolves, executives tend to favor our open access to information, meaning information you think is private will slowly become public, but that doesn’t mean you can be private if you want to. Facebook gives its users the option to lock things down, but users need to be aware of their controls, how to use them and how to prepare for future Facebook privacy changes. Facebook has not and will not make information obvious, and that’s where this guide comes in.

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