Doctor Exposes The Shadowy World of Healthcare in America

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#112 – Doctor Exposes The Shadowy World of Healthcare in America

Today I spoke with Dr. David Wilcox about his CONTROVERSIAL book, “How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient’s Handbook for Survival.” Truly, it is filled with information you did not know and did not know that you needed to know. In this podcast, I discuss with Dr. Wilcox…

  • What to do if you have to go to a hospital
  • How to handle an insurance company’s claim denial
  • How to find an alternative to high-priced prescriptions
  • And why the current pay-for-fee system is inadequate
  • You will also discover the direction the healthcare system needs to move in, to holistically care for you, the patient … information that the health care entities would prefer you didn’t know.

All that plus, after the podcast, Dr. Wilcox made a bold prediction which came true a week after the recording. Hear it all for yourself in this intriguing episode!


Dr. David Wilcox is a health care professional who believes proactive patient education enables those accessing the healthcare system to be better partners in their health care. He also believes that everyone has the right to access the American Healthcare System safely. A Doctorate-prepared nurse who also holds a Master’s in Health Administration and is Board Certified in Nursing Informatics, Dr. Wilcox has nearly three decades of health care experience as a bedside nurse, hospital administrator and in health care information technology, which has helped him to develop his unique perspective on the American Healthcare System.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient’s Handbook for Survival

Publisher: Here for You Publishing

Available now at

ISBN-10: ‎ 0578878364

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0578878362…


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The Secret Sauce to Educational Excellence: Freedom, Community and Service

The Things I Think About Podcast

#111 – The Secret Sauce to Educational Excellence: Freedom, Community and Service

One of the reasons why I love podcasting so much is because I get to talk with fascinating people. One of them being my guest – Hans Hageman. Today we talked about education. There are a lot of things wrong with the American public school systems these days. Its good to hear how at least one school is doing it right. The formula for educational excellence is easy to explain, its founded in freedom, community and service. So, why are the public school systems so resistant to proven success? Find out in this podcast for the answer to that and more.Talking points in this show. 

  • The fascinating background of Hans Hageman
  • Specialization is a setup. Better to be a renaissance man. 
  • The Secret Sauce to Educational Excellence: Freedom, Community and Service
  • Public schools seem resistant to what is obviously working well. Why?
  • Mandates are making things worse. Please stop them. 
  • How not to burn students out. Tip #1, start later in the morning. 
  • Advancing failing students so their feelings won’t be hurt? How is that helping?  

After the podcast:

  • The secret to changing male student behavior


Hans is a social entrepreneur. He’s developed visionary solutions to improve education for children from Harlem to India. He grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York. His home was Exodus House, a pioneering residential drug treatment center started by his father. It was here that he learned about the importance of service to others and about redemption.Follow Hans Hageman online



Has the Left lost their collective minds? A chat with Jeff Charles

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Podcast #110 – Has the Left lost their collective minds? A chat with Jeff Charles

Today, Jeff Charles and I had a meeting of the minds to lament the left and make wacky predictions (well, I did anyway) about the future of Democrats, Republicans and the rest of the country. These were our talking points:

  • Wokeism is a religion.  
  • Liberal privilege is real. 
  • Nobody cancels culture like the left. 
  • Impeaching Biden may sound good but, will it happen? 
  • Would a Vice President Harris be worse?
  • Despite the propaganda of the activist media, people still do not like VP Harris. Why? 
  • Defund the police and replace them with federalized troops the elites control. 
  • Its not Democrat vs Republicans, its a globalist Uni-party against us all. 
  • Will 2022 be a political bloodbath for the Democrats?  
  • Its so important to pay attention to the primary races! 
  • If not Trump in 2024, who should be the Republican nominee?
  • Who will be the next Democrat to run for President? 

And so much more…


Contributor for RedState and LibertyNation. Co-Host of Red+Black Show and A Fresh Perspective Podcast. Jeff Charles is the host of “A Fresh Perspective” podcast and co-host of the Red + Black Show. Jeff is also a freelance writer and political contributor who has appeared on Fox Soul and the First TV Network. He enjoys reading, binging TV shows, learning to play the banjo (badly), and all things nerdy.

Follow Jeff online:

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Job Hunting? UnVaxxed? Winter is Coming.

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Job Hunting? UnVaxxed? Winter is Coming. surveyed more than a thousand renters about jobs, household expenses, average rent and financial issues. The data they collected did not paint an optimistic picture. In a nutshell…

For many renters, buying a home is now well out-of-reach

Rent is going up (almost 10 percent)

Worst of all, in July, 6.4 million people were behind in their rent

The solution for many will be to a) get another job or b) get an additional job. However, that may prove more difficult than in times past due to Covid-19 concerns. Here are some stats from ResumeBuilder [Published on September 16, 2021].

To gauge how employers are handling hiring in the time of COVID vaccines, surveyed 1,250 hiring managers across the U.S. this August regarding their preferences for seeing vaccine statuses on resumes, as well as their company’s COVID-19 vaccine policies.

Key Findings:

  • 33% of hiring managers will automatically eliminate resumes that don’t include a COVID-19 vaccine status
  • 69% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone who has already been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • As of August 2021, 63% of companies are mandating COVID-19 vaccines for employees

For people who choose not to be vaccinated, life is increasingly being complicated. As such, I predict that we will see LOTS more freelance platforms where people can hustle up next month’s rent. One such platform is Braintrust Network, a decentralized gig platform that allows users to keep 100% of their earnings. The Hustle discussed Braintrust Network in their newsletter. Here is a quote…

Freelancing is hotter than ever in a post-pandemic economy, but it has downsides — one being the 20%-40% cuts taken by talent sites like Upwork and Toptal.

Braintrust Network is looking to change that

The nonprofit is building a user-owned tech talent network that removes middlemen and lets talent set their own rates, keeping 100% of what they earn. Clients are charged a 10% flat fee, used to fund network operations.

Braintrust promises access to Fortune 1000 clients, from Nestlé to Nike to NASA, and the company matches talent with clients.

Braintrust says this system means talent keeps 20%-45% more of their earnings, and companies save 50%-75% more than they would with traditional hiring.

If you choose to not get vaccinated (your body, your choice) its not a bad thing to have a side hustle to fall back on; especially if you think your job may be in jeopardy because of it. Along those lines, here are more resources for your consideration.


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China is not our friend – Part 2

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Podcast #109 – China is not our friend – Part 2 #Evergrande

Because you demanded it! I have another chat with Marcel Grzanna about China (CCP) and how they are not our friend. In this conversation we discuss how the Evergrande crisis in China is hurting China’s economy and what that might mean for the world. Additional topics include… 

  • The CCP (Chinese Communist Party)  is not our friend.
  • Is CCP takeover of Taiwan imminent? 
  • What would happen if Taiwan was a USA territory? 
  • The left doesn’t acknowledge Chinese censorship. Do they approve of it?
  • Evergrande is a symptom of China’s economic woes
  • Is China afraid of its own people? How close has China come to being overthrown?
  • China’s changing child policies
  • China has been at cold war with the USA a lot longer than the USA has been at cold war with China
  • Russia and China becoming BFFs? That’s not good, is it?


Marcel Grzanna is the co-host of Poking With Chopsticks. How dictatorships work – Freelance writers Qin Liwen and Marcel Grzanna discuss Chinese government’s authoritarian policies and strategies and put it into perspective with their own real-life-experiences.

Find Marcel Grzanna online at: