The Future of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance | TribeTV

Prior to the Coronavirus, a major disruption was happening in the arena of employer sponsored health insurance. Now with COVID cases on the decline and millions of Americans out of work, the future of employer sponsored health insurance is being decided in real time. How this will affect the insurance industry is something employers are paying close attention to. Health benefits are a necessary tool for attracting and retaining talent. Yet, with the costs associated with providing such benefits increasing, is there a better way?

In this episode of TribeTV, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing at Proactive Talent and Will Staney – CEO at Proactive Talent speculate on the future of employer sponsored healthcare, its history and what companies should be considering now.

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Is Going to College Worth It in 2020? | Tribe TV

How important is a college degree? In the age of COVID, many students and parents are weighing the pros and cons of student debt. When so many colleges are going virtual, is the full tuition fee justified? Should education taxes be refunded to parents? Or, are trade schools and/or specialty programs like Google’s Career Certificate program the best way to go?

In this episode, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing at Proactive Talent is joined by Vanessa Martin, Design and Marketing Specialist at Proactive Talent and together they discuss the controversies surrounding education and possible solutions. Find more content like this at Proactive Talent.

Tribe TV: How to Make a Career Pivot and Find a Job During a Pandemic

Coronavirus, COVID-19, whatever you choose to call this pandemic, is wreaking havoc on our economy and causing many of us to consider a career change. If you are experiencing a lockdown or the possibility of a future quarantine, career development planning and management might not be at the forefront of your mind. Yet, it should be. But what if you don’t know how to make a career change?

In this episode of Tribe TV, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing at Proactive Talent, discusses tools and tips for making a career pivot during a COVID pandemic. The strategies suggested in the video would also be useful during the next recession, lockdown or quarantine.

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Can employees sue over Covid-19?

If someone returns to work and becomes sick and dies because of unsafe working conditions or due to contact with a Covid-19 infected co-worker or customer then, it’s a good chance that the surviving family members will sue their loved one’s employer.

Its already happened at Walmart, Safeway and Tyson Foods.  Who’s next? Are you ready for a coronavirus wrongful death or Covid 19 wrongful termination lawsuit? Watch this video and consider hiring an employment lawyer now. Today its frontline workers at supermarket chains filing lawsuits but, tomorrow it could be your business.

And if you are thinking that you are immune to these type of lawsuits because your employees work from home then, this video may persuade you otherwise.

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What Happens When “Woke” Comes To Work?

The woke cancel culture in society seeks to publicly shame or withdraw support from public figures because of unpopular opinions or offensive actions. In some cases, it might be appropriate to do so, yet increasingly it is a sign of mob culture that has gotten out of control.

What happens when cancel culture enters the workplace and people are fired because someone is triggered by an alleged woke vs racism comment or an opinion expressed decades ago? Worse yet, what if you are cancelled at work for trying to help a cause that both parties agree with? It may sound crazy but free speech is under attack and it is becoming more prevalent in the workspace.

In this episode of TribeTV, Jim Stroud – VP, Marketing explores the cancel culture invading corporate America and gives a somber warning to those enterprises who do not fight back against it.

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