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The Retro Lounge Podcast Series


Gretchen Ledgard and Zoe Goldring, catalysts of the recruitment blogging phenomenon, discuss their blogging tenure with Microsoft and their entrepreneurial venture – Job Syntax. (I highly recommend their services!)


Gretchen Ledgard

Gretchen Ledgard learned the ins and outs of technical recruiting and employment marketing at the Microsoft Corporation. During her 6 years with Microsoft, she sourced, evaluated, and closed computer engineers for the company’s international, college, and industry recruiting teams, and she managed the marketing programs that attracted the software industry’s best technical talent to the company. An advocate of leveraging online communities to better reach the company’s technical applicants, Gretchen co-founded and managed a popular weblog that was named recruiting.com’s Best Blog for Job Seekers in 2005. Gretchen holds a BA in English Literature from Vanderbilt University.

Zoe Goldring

Zoe Goldring began her professional recruiting career at the Microsoft Corporation in 1999. She cut her teeth on recruiting candidates from various international locations prior to moving on to sourcing, evaluating and closing top quality employees for almost every technical position and division within the company. With her passion for reaching out to technical candidates, she co-founded a highly praised weblog, pioneering innovative ways to connect jobseekers to employers.   Zoe has a BA in Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University.

Are you too old to work here?

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original air date: JULY 1, 2010 – Jim and Karen banter about age discrimination and looking for work in a sucky economy. (Hey Google, is it true that you are over-the-hill when you hit 40? ) Plus, working as a contractor vs working as an employee, which is better? Ah! You think you know, but do you really? Tune in for a very interesting take on that question. 

Special thanks to our sponsor: Proactive Talent

Sex and David Letterman

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original air date: OCTOBER 16, 2009

HR Discusses David Letterman – In episode #132, Jim Stroud takes a break this episode and leaves the Lounge in the hands of Karen Mattonen (oboy!) and her guests: Joshua Letourneau, Karla Porter and Steve Markin. The topic is all about David Letterman’s workplace scandal. Tune in to hear all the juicy bits.

Recruiters and The Election

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original post date: November 9, 2006

And this is the original description:

Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss the election, lying on a resume may get you 10 years in prison, plus feedback on some listener feedback.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Show my sponsor some love? – Work Giant (0:33)
  • Karen is back in the lounge – Yay. (1:33)
  • Gotta love FonPods! I do… (1:55)
  • A listener vents 0n the feedback line (3:00)
  • They say, family first? But you have to eat (6:00)
  • Jim sings again and then apologizes (7:00)
  • Daddy of the year? (8:15)
  • Hate your boss? Good! I call that job security (10:00)
  • The haunting of bad performance reviews (10:48)
  • Smokin’ the good stuff (11:33)
  • Quick sec’ on reference checks (11:58)
  • Looking for a contract recruiter? I know some bodies. (12:42)
  • Did you vote? (12:52)
  • Karen waves and salutes the flag (13:02)
  • Karen’s paranoid? Or simply stating a fact? (13:45)
  • I only guessed that it was Diebold (14:36)
  • So… how easy is it to hack a voting machine? (16:08)
  • The rant on the voting machines continues (17:32)
  • Why is there controversy over this? All you have to do is… (17:56)
  • Now let’s relate this (somehow) to recruiting (19:36)
  • Do it like Digg! Or rather, like Recruiting.com (20:00)
  • Karen thinks it makes too much sense for companies to adopt (22:00)
  • Karen really liked my idea because of the community aspect. (23:33)
  • If I patent this idea, I would rip-off (a piece) from Market 10 (24:56)
  • Do recruiters really do this? Oh, noooo… of course not. (25: 40)
  • Nice topic, but let’s table that for now (27:00)
  • Karen hates the metric system (27:40)
  • The police chief is doing a great job, but he lied on his resume (28:33)
  • The debate ensues (30:00)
  • Recruiting.com RULES!! (30:33)
  • How many lies did Cheif McGuire have on his resume? (31:32)
  • In some states, lying on a resume is against the law. (32:28)
  • Recruiters could be held liable for this… (33:00)
  • Wow! Let me say that again!!! (33:18)
  • In California, its a misdemeanor to lie on a job description (34:05)(opens in a new tab)
  • So, this guy could face 10 years in prison?!!! (Over a resume?!) (35:50)
  • But people love that guy! (36:40)
  • Maybe HR is to blame (37:50)
  • I say Hail to the Cheif (38:57)
  • If he had not lied on his resume, would they have turned him a way? (39:50)
  • And that’s a wrap (45:05)