Podcast: The Next American Civil War is Upon Us – Our Politics are Out of Control

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Socialism, the Recession and Recruiting in Canada

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: AUGUST 24, 2009 | In episode #130, Jim Stroud, Karen Mattonen and (special guest) Geoff Web discuss socialism, the recession and recruiting in Canada. Plus, what is “The Boolean Dance?” And what does it have to do with Recruitfest? Tune in to find out. All this and more, in another action-packed episode of The Recruiters Lounge podcast.

What is the fairest way to pay remote (work from home) workers?

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Facebook announced in May that up to half of its workforce is likely to be working from home within the next five to 10 years. There is one caveat: staff salaries could be adjusted to align with the cost of living in their chosen location, meaning potential pay cuts for those considering moving away from its expensive Palo Alto base and other global hubs. Is this fair?

I think about the pros and cons of paying remote (work from home) workers and come up with a compromise that is fair for workers and companies alike. Listen in and let me know if my idea has merit or if I am way off the mark.  

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