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Are you too old to work here?

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original air date: JULY 1, 2010 – Jim and Karen banter about age discrimination and looking for work in a sucky economy. (Hey Google, is it true that you are over-the-hill when you hit 40? ) Plus, working as a contractor vs working as an employee, which is better? Ah! You think you know, but do you really? Tune in for a very interesting take on that question. 

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Go Woke and Go Broke: Diversity Quotas Will Kill Your Business

In my latest podcast, I discuss the new diversity quotas that must be met before you can win a “Best Picture” Oscar. I then give examples of how diversity quotas have caused potential harm, were a waste of time and contributed to a large amount of death. When concluding, I make numerous predictions about the demise of Hollywood unless they change course immediately. Tune in now! Special thanks to my sponsor – Black History Quiz. Subscribe to their newsletter today.

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Sex and David Letterman

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Original air date: OCTOBER 16, 2009

HR Discusses David Letterman – In episode #132, Jim Stroud takes a break this episode and leaves the Lounge in the hands of Karen Mattonen (oboy!) and her guests: Joshua Letourneau, Karla Porter and Steve Markin. The topic is all about David Letterman’s workplace scandal. Tune in to hear all the juicy bits.