YouTube, Bing and Google discussed on The Friday Traffic Report

In this week’s episode of ┬áThe Friday Traffic Report:

  • Lots of new changes at YouTube. Are you keeping up? Better yet, are you using video to promote your website? If not, you should.
  • Bing tagging vs Google Authorship. Which is easier to utilize? Might have to give Bing the props for this one.
  • Plus, chatting up the wonders of Bing’s new upgrade.

Tune in and watch the fun!

Friday Traffic Report: Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter Updates

Streamed live on Mar 15, 2013 – For undying love and support. – for undying traffic and rankings.

This week: Google+ profiles changes, Facebook tricks for marketers and curators (galore!), Twitter allows line breaks now and we can’t figure out why or who cares, Facebook’s new timeline and profile changes we can only speculate about since Facebook hasn’t rolled it out to us yet. We’ve decided we’re going to like it ahead of time.

Friday Traffic Report: CES, YouTube Features and Killer Facebook Tips

In the latest episode of The Friday Traffic Report, Jack and I discuss cool new YouTube features like an interactive transcript and custom thumbnails. CES came up early in our discussions, but we were not impressed. We did cite a couple of products that were showcased there, but otherwise we were underwhelmed. We also talked about some things Facebook is testing which may come to a timeline near you. Tune in to the fun below and be sure to review the other links listed below the video.

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Friday Traffic Report: Twitter Search Hack & Google SEO

Its been awhile, but we’re back! Check out the first episode of The Friday Traffic Report for 2013. Featuring: A Twitter search hack, Google SEO goodies and how to write a book, one line at a time. All of this and more on the latest episode of The Friday Traffic Report. Plus, where I’ve been over the past few weeks.

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