Guns don’t kill. People kill.

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Guns don’t kill. People kill.

If you have any interest at all in the 2nd amendment and your rights as an American citizen then, this is the episode for you! I spoke with Cam Edwards of and… wow! This guy knows guns! In our too-short-should-have-been-an-hour-conversation, we discussed the following:

  • I want to buy a gun. What do I do?
  • Are gun laws in conflict with the US Constitution?
  • Do kids playing with guns encourage violence among children?
  • Why do the left hate guns so much? 
  • Democrats, gun laws and high crime rates
  • Why does the media condemn citizens defending their lives and property? (i.e. McCloskeys)
  • Does the government track every legally owned gun? 
  • And so much more… 

Listen to this one NOW and pass it on. 


Cam Edwards is the editor at Bearing Arms and host of the long-running Cam & Co podcast, which focuses on Second Amendment news and information from around the nation. A veteran reporter, anchor, talk show host, author, and 2A advocate, Cam has covered the gun control debate on a daily basis since 2004, when he was named host of NRA News. A member of the board of directors for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Cam lives in central Virginia with his family, and is currently squirreling away ammunition whenever he can find some in stock.  


Lamenting the Left with Cedric and Brian

Another episode of “The Things I Think About” has slipped past the censors! Today I chat with Cedric and Brian who join me in lamenting the left and the after effects of their opinions and policies. In no particular order, we discussed the following:

  • California politics and the hopeful win of Larry Elder
  • Racist liberals who champion diversity
  • Afghanistan and “America Last” 
  • The Accountability Deficit in the White House
  • President Harris? Better off with Biden.
  • Will our allies ever trust us again? 
  • FDA Approvals mean everything is fine? Right? Um… not so much. 

Tune in for a very entertaining and thought provoking chat that will make you think. 


Cedric and Brian are just two average guys with a lot on their mind. Join them every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube as they tackle heavy hitting issues like, “Do you hang your toilet paper under or over?” or the controversial, “Cultural Appropriation”, video. They also have a Monday series called, “Music Monday”, where they interview and have musical talent perform on the show. Friday’s brings, “Fitness Friday”, where they discuss health and fitness tips. 


The Cold and Sobering Truth about Afghanistan with LTC Sargis Sangari USA (Ret.)


Stand up against critical race theory! Get your “MLK > CRT” t-shirt now, while supplies last.


Today I had a cold and sobering truth explained to me via Lt Colonel (R) Sargis Sangari. We spoke at length on many topics related to the crisis in Afghanistan and how it affects the USA, our allies and the world at large. In our discussion:

  • The likely emergence of Afghanistan as a terrorist state.
  • Afghanistan and The Drug Trade
  • How an unstable Afghanistan affects Israel
  • Stories about Afghanistan that the media is suppressing
  • Israel’s relationship with the United States under Biden vs under Trump
  • What will Israel do in the era of a weaker America?
  • How will the world operate if China dominates over America?
  • And so much more…


Lt Colonel (R) Sargis Sangari was born and raised in Iran. He is U.S. Army Retired. A bit more about him:

  • CEO and Founder, Near East Center for Strategic Engagement
  • Retired US Army Colonel who saw extensive combat in the Middle East as a Special Operations Forces soldier.
  • Expertise in Middle East Military Strategies

Please visit his website:


Mario Fratto makes his case for America


Stand up against critical race theory! Get your “MLK > CRT” t-shirt now, while supplies last.


This conversation with Mario Fratto was different from other podcast I’ve produced before. It was plagued with so many technical glitches that Mario and I suspected that I was being hacked. We joked that the CCP via Zoom were listening in after their AI detected the topics we were discussing. Whether true or not, this is what we discussed. 

  • What are the chances of President Biden being impeached? Not so good. 
  • Is a President Harris a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Only in California could an African American [Larry Elder] be called the face of white supremacy.
  • The psychic injury of potentially losing California will unleash a whole new level of cheating 
  • The politicization of Covid-19 vaccines
  • And the fate of America’s January 6th political prisoners

Hmm… Is there anything in this episode THEY don’t want you to hear? Tune in and hear for yourself


Mario Fratto is an attorney and businessman from Geneva, New York, turned YouTuber ( Host of “Making the Case with Mario Fratto”) during Covid lockdowns. He is a lifelong conservative with “no regard for any political correctness.”

Find Mario Fratto online:


Amy Phan West Equals Wow

The last best hope for California and indeed – the United States of America itself, is Americans with the passion and patriotism of Amy Phan West. West’s courageous fire is contagious and desperately needed to save America from the destructive WOKE ideology of the left. In our chat we began discussing her political ambitions and why recalling Governor Newsom is a moral imperative. Afterwards, we explored diverse topics that made it clear that she was very much the solution for California and not a future problem to avoid. 

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Who is Gavin Newsom supporting? It does not appear to be California. 
  • California has become a gangsters paradise
  • Democrats, election Integrity and printing ballots from home (as many as you like) 
  • The psychological effect of flipping California
  • Afghanistan, Afghanistan… Afghanistan
  • Impeach, impeach, Impeach!!! Treason. 
  • The Second Amendment
  • The Southern Border is a National Security Issue
  • Critical Racist Theory (…because it is racist)
  • The Chinese Communist Party
  • Saigon and Escaping Vietnam 
  • Agenda item #1: Get our people out! 
  • Biden: It ain’t my fault
  • And more… 

Tune in NOW! Prepare to be inspired. You do not want to miss a single word Amy Phan West has to say.


Amy Phan West is running as a Republican for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 45th Congressional District. She declared candidacy for the nonpartisan primary in 2022. She ran in 2020 as well. She was born in Da Nang Vietnam, and she and her entire family escaped the Vietnamese Communist regime in 1985 by stowing away in an old fishing boat. They spent more than two years in refugee camps, first in Thailand and then the Philippines, as they sought asylum in the United States. Finally, the United States State Department granted the family’s asylum request and the Phans arrived in Huntington Beach to begin their “American Dream.” Amy’s parents worked very hard to provide for the family. Generous support offered by local Vietnamese church organizations played an instrumental role in their successfully integrating into American society. Knowing the important value of education, all seven children attended school, graduated high school, got their higher education, and are living their American Dream.

Amy has been married to Jeremy West since 2009, they have three young sons, ages 9, 7, and 5. Their adventurous family enjoys sporting activities, including camping, BMX, snowboarding, and other seasonal extreme sports.